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valentines event glitch

Half the items in my valentines event have disappeared. Including one of my dragons half the stuff I have mined and some high value items I had made as well as half the stuff still to be mined.

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• 4d

Event vanished....

I am playing the Valentine's event when it says I'm offline when I am not. It has about a day and a half left, but now, the event has completely disappeared from my screen and I cant email the creators....are they down?

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• 2/6/2019

question abt level map

Lately there have been some icons pointing to different levels, but I am not sure what they are for. They change daily. I have completed all the levels, so am working on chests from levels I have already done, but I am curious if there is an "extra" from the levels with the icons. Does anyone know?

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• 2/1/2019

Facebook reconnect loop

Recently the game has decided to refuse to load my save data. As I go to launch the app, it continuously pops up with the message that says

"You have previously logged into Merge Dragons using Facebook. Would you like to continue?".

Is this an issue that anyone else has, or is this just me?

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• 1/29/2019

Friend Code Exchange

Would anyone be interested in starting a friend code exchange as a regular post (or is there one already)? On other wiki's this has helped me gain many friends to exchange gifts and network for strategies. My tag is SKYNVBNW

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• 1/29/2019
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• 1/25/2019

Frozen Seas Event

The event stars in the Frozen Seas Event seem to be invisible.

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• 1/17/2019

dragon home buttons

Shortly after I bought the smaller premium land, I found that 2 new buttons have been added to my dragon homes, enabling me to send all to sleep and wake all up respectively. While I couldn't find any info about this change, I tried to start a new game to see if this is a consistent new feature or a hidden bonus of permanent purchase. After some 10 tries, I found that only about half of the games had dragon homes with the 2 buttons, and it turned out that I can wake all dragons up instantly with full stamina using the button. I later tried on another device without a purchase and had the same result: sometimes my dragon homes had the 2 buttons and sometimes didn't. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience or know what exactly is this, well, mechanics?

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• 1/4/2019


Is there a way to get tombstones without paying for them?

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• 12/31/2018

Merge Table Calculator

I made a merge calculator. You tell it how many you want and it will show you how many you need. You can select images of 14 different merge chains to help you identify your goal and source levels. Until I figure out how to make this a Wiki page, you can see it here:

It's only been tested on Firefox on a PC. I know it's broken on a phone or tablet. Feedback is welcome on it's performance on other browsers.

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• 12/15/2018

Challenge 22: stuck

I'm stuck in challenge 22. I must be overlooking something. It seams that I'm constantly lacking something. I have played this challenge enough times to see all the possibilities but here I'm stuck. Can you give me a clue please?

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• 12/15/2018

Golden Dragon Eggs

Anyone know where I get these from? Its come up on my daily request from Kayla.

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• 12/6/2018
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• 12/3/2018

Can't move on levels

Is anyone else having trouble not being on to move on to other levels? I have completed craven crypt 7 a few times but I still can't move ahead.

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• 11/22/2018

Anyone having issues opening or loading the game?

It has been a while and just shows "loading all dragons"

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• 11/8/2018

Can't find the eggs from the royal egg bank, is this a bug, or where are they?

I didn't have space, but there where also no bubbles created...

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• 10/28/2018

who is like me? i lost the original version after the game was updated

who is like me? i lost the original version after the game was updated. dragon did not rest for 8 hours.the photo is the original version.i like the original. i can keep the dragon going to rest. i can keep the land clean.

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• 10/20/2018

Opening land in camp

I notice that originally you only need to increase dragon power by 100 or so to be able to open up new land to clear. But I notice that there are lands that require 21,0000 and higher dragon power to open up. How do you get that much dragon power without playing the rest of your life? I merge 5. I've purchased the baskets for gems. Am up to challenge 16. Ive reached a point where my coin houses provide bronze coins and 1 silver coin house. Plan now is to max out building up coin

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• 10/13/2018
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• 10/12/2018

Where my dragon egg landed?

I purchased while playing an event but didn’t get it only got gems. It happened 2nd time may be they are somewhere but I couldn’t find it please help. Thanks

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