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Hatches many dragons!
~ Active Super Egg


Active Super Egg is a type of non-mergeable object.

When an Active Super Egg is created, a level 3 Life Dragon is also created as a by-product.

Active Super Egg will spawn 20 level 1 Dragon Whelps (Standard as well as Event ones) and will disappear once all Dragons have been created.

It has a "flash/electrifying" animation each time it spits out a Dragon. This can also be noticed by looking at its Merge Chain window.

How to Gain[]


  • Repeated tests have revealed that:
  1. Only these Event Dragon Whelps can be spawned: Ghastly, Ice, Moon, Passion, Rising Sun and Wood.
  2. The number of Event Dragon Whelps that one Active Super Egg may spawn is 0 to 5.
  3. The Whelps of these Dragon breeds cannot be spawned: Butterfly, Cosmos, Gargoyle, Life and Tribal.
  • Assuming that an Active Super Egg produces 5 Event Dragons and 15 Standard Dragons (although there is a chance that it will produce no Event Dragons at all), in addition to a level 3 Life Dragon, the value of an Active Super Egg is at least 200 Gems, and as much as 499.375, due to the increasing cost of Event Dragon Eggs with every purchase.
    • 5 Event Dragon Whelps = 13 Event Dragon Eggs for min 10 Gems, max 30 Gems per Egg = 130 to 390 Gems
    • Level 3 Life Dragon = 70 Gems from Kala's Shop or 15.625 Life Dragon Eggs from Kala's Shop at 7 Gems each = 70 to 109.375 Gems

The Active Super Egg while spitting out a lot of Dragon Whelps