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Alien Obelisks can be tapped for premium Dragons. This Merge Chain was introduced in Version 3.9.0. Buying the most expensive 100$ Gem pack in the Dragon Gems Store grants you one level 1 Alien Obelisk as a bonus.

It's the first Merge Chain to be locked behind in-app purchases. These are one of the rarest items in the game.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth (Coins)
1 1x1 Rare Alien Obelisk An alien structure. Its existence is impossible. Tap for 5 incredible dragons! 5,000
2 1x1 Epic Radioactive Alien Obelisk An alien artifact from distant space. Tap for 7 incredible dragons! 5,000
3 1x1 Legendary Pulsing Alien Obelisk An alien beacon that creates dragons. Tap for 3 premium Level 4 dragons! 5,000
4 1x1 Mythical Galactic Alien Megalith An alien megalith. Tap for 3 premium Level 7 dragons! 5,000


  • This Merge Chain is the most expensive one up to date. It costs $2,000 USD to complete it if you prioritize 5-merging.
  • Alien Obelisks can be tapped out only once, they do not recharge taps.