Remains of an ancient dragon god
~ Ancient Dragon Skull

Summary Edit

The Ancient Dragon Skull is a type of non-mergeable object.

It can be tapped occasionally for a Unearthed Skeleton. Every 10 minutes, additional Unearthed Skeletons will be generated, stacking up to 6 (1 hour from "empty" Ancient Dragon Skull until "full" with 6 Unearthed Skeletons).

It can be harvested for Unearthed Skeletons or treasure chests, but doing so will diminish the skull each time until it's gone permanently.

How to Gain Edit

Life Flower Rate Edit

6 Unearthed Skeleton (1 Hour) would give 18 Bones. A merge of 5 Bones will give an average of 6 Life Flower Sprouts. Hence, it has a LFS of 21.6 per hour, if you only merge in 5's, which is about as good as a Fruit Tree.

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