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Ancient games is a recurring event (and the fourth to be introduced) that took place firstly on 13th to 18th of December 2017. This event, unlike the holidays ones, is a competitive one. The goal is to merge Forgotten Flowers and Ancient Objects as much as possible in order to reach the highest score possible. The promised prize for the #1 player is a Stadium Dragon Kid.

Gameplay Edit

Leaderboards and Game Menu

Leaderboard and Game Menu

During the event, similar to the holidays ones, a button in the bottom left of the screen will be available. After tapping it, two windows will pop up.

To the left is the amount of hearts (lives) the player has left, offers to buy power-ups (boosters) and a button to play the game. Each game would consume one heart, and it takes an hour to replenish one heart, similar to the chalices. Once all of a player's hearts have been consumed, offers to purchase hearts show up.

To the right is the Leaderboard. Every player is grouped with 9-14 other players. The player's goal is to get the highest score. The scores are accumulated, so the player should play as much games as possible in the event's given time and to get as much score as possible in every game. The rewards for the participants are devided by 5 sections: Diamond(1st place), Platinum(2nd and 3rd place), Gold(4th-6th place), Silver(7th-11th place) and Bronze(12th-15th place).

The level itself is a 4x4 grid and a 1x4 spawning grid. First, the player should tap the ancient plinth found at the bottom. 3 random objects, either Forgotten Flowers or Ancient Objects, from level 1 to 4 spawn on the 1x4 grid. The player is then forced to leave or drag an object to the 4x4 grid. Once an object is placed on the 4x4 grid it can't be moved again (without the use of The Swapper). On the other hand, the objects on the 1x4 grid can be moved and even merged on it. The player may summon more objects once all 3 objects are removed from the 1x4 grid. Once no more objects can be placed, it's Game Over. The player is then offered to purchase power-ups to save the game or to finish it by tapping the "Finish" button. It is worth noting that even if there is no free tile physically, if two adjacent objects are of the same kind, and a third of the same kind is on the spawning grid, it won't be a game over, and the player can merge all three and continue playing. Something that is also worth noting is that merging 5 would not yield two objects of the next tier and any merging of more than 3 will create one higher tier object without leftovers.

Prizes Edit

Event Reward Edit

As mentioned above, the rewards are divided by 5 sections:

Section Place Reward
Bronze 12th-15th Stadium Dragon Egg x 1
Silver 7th-11th Stadium Dragon Egg x 2
Gold 4th-6th Stadium Dragon Egg x 3
Platinum 2nd and 3rd Stadium Dragon Nest
Diamond 1st Stadium Dragon Kid

By the end of the event, the rewards are given to the players.

Game Spinner Wheel Reward Edit

In addition to the event's main rewards, at the end of every game a spinner wheel is present which can be spun for free, and gives the reward it was upon when it stopped. There are 10 rewards, with the same probability to earn each. Every Spinner has a slot for a Premium Spinner spin.
Spinner Wheel

Spinner Rewards Level 4

The rewards are decided by the player's score in the game and devided as follows:

Spinner Rewards Level Player's Score Possible Rewards
1 0-499 Insane Dragon Gem, Glowing Life Flower, Watermelon, Nice Treasure Chest, Lawn Grass, Dragon Tree Sapling, Magic Shroom Stalk, Glowing Life Flower, Life Flower, Premium Spinner Wheel
2 500-999 Insane Dragon Gem, Triple Shroom, Small Fruit Tree, Watermelon, Golden Chest, Glowing Life Flower, Nice Treasure Chest, Pineapple, Dragon Tree Sapling, Dragon Fruit, Young Fruit Tree, Magic Shroom Stalk, Blue Life Flower, Magic Coin - Silver, Dragon Tree Seeds, Hero Mushroom, Bananas, Premium Spinner Wheel
3 1000-1499 Insane Dragon Gem, Magic Shrooms, Young Glowing Dragon Tree, Sprouting Dragon Tree, Small Fruit Tree, Triple Shroom, Glowing Life Flower, Nice Treasure Chest, Golden Chest, Pile of Stone Bricks, Sprouting Prism Flower, Dragon Tree Sapling, Young Fruit Tree, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Lawn Grass, Amber, Magic Shroom Stalk, Ordinary Treasure Chest, Blue Life Flower, Hero Mushroom, Magic Coin - Silver, Seeds of the Prism Flower, Premium Spinner Wheel
4 1500-1999 Insane Dragon Gem, Great Grass, Living Stone, Sprouting Dragon Tree, Glowing Life Flower, Triple Shroom, Magic Shrooms, Great Fallen Star, Watermelon, Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Pile of Stone Bricks, Sprouting Prism Flower, Young Fruit Tree, Lawn Grass, Amber, Dragon Tree Sapling, Magic Shroom Stalk, Ordinary Treasure Chest, Hero Mushroom, Premium Spinner Wheel
5 2000+ Insane Dragon Gem, Magic Coin - Spellium, Great Grass, Puddle, Stack of Elderwood, Sprouting Dragon Tree, Prism Flower Buds, Small Fruit Tree, Young Glowing Dragon Tree, Triple Shroom, Magic Shrooms, Goal Star(unknown level), Watermelon, Pineapple, Golden Chest, Pile of Stone Bricks, Sprouting Prism Flower, Dragon Tree Sapling, Young Fruit Tree, Premium Spinner Wheel

If a player wishes, an additional spin can be purchased for 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12 (max) Dragon Gems, ascending.

Premium Spinner Edit

If the play succeeds to hit the Premium Spinner slot on the regular spinner wheel, the player is given the option to get premium rewards from the premium spinner wheel. It has 10 slots, like the regular spinner.
Premium Spinner Wheel

Premium Spinner

List of possible rewards Edit

If a player wishes, an additional spin can be purchased for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 (max) Dragon Gems, ascending.

Power-Ups Edit

Various power-ups are offered throughout the event, which can be purchased with Dragon Gems before entering the Games and also in the level itself.

Power-Up Description Price for 1 Price for 5
The Shovel Buy Shovels to destroy unwanted objects in the level! 10 25
The Bomb Buy Bombs to destroy all the unused objects just generated! 12 30
The Swapper Buy Swapper to swap the position of two objects! 10 25
Lives(Hearts) Get more lives to continue playing! 20 50*

*Full, can be less than 5 if more hearts are represented.

Strategy Edit

One effective strategy is to treat the 4x4 grid as 4 2x2 grids. In each, build in a pinwheel fashion, starting from the outside and work in, like so:





The actual direction of each 2x2 grid will change during gameplay as things are merged, but the method seems to help extend play past 1000 points and 2000 and even 3000 are possible (if you are lucky!)

Take a few moments before deciding where to place your pieces. A little thought to how each piece will affect the board will help extend the play--it is not always advantageous to merge if the final position of the merge blocks something else. Whenever possible, it is better to keep any single objects in play with an adjacent empty space open; if you have 2 already in play, the third can lay atop either of the first two to be merged (think about which one will leave your merged item in a better position.) The bulk of the 'big' points come from merging higher level objects; if you can last long enough to merge a couple sets of level 4s into level 5s, you should get nearly or better than 1000 points; merge a couple of sets of 5s into sixes and you can break 2000.

Try to keep your higher level products in the corners (not always possible of course); each corner only has 2 possible merge points, so if you can end up there with level 5's and 6s you will keep available the spaces with more possible directions to combine: the center spots have 4 directions to merge and the edges beside the corners have 3. So building from outside to inside leaves you with more choices, helping to prevent getting blocked in.

Do NOT immediately merge a trio when it appears in the placement queue. It may be better to lay them into the grid for either a combo merge, or to help with shifting (through merging) the pieces already laid out on the playfield.

Do note that combo merging would grant more points toward each object created, and the larger the combo chain, the more points you'de get for each object created.

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