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Ancient Objects are a Merge Chain that was first introduced at the Ancient Games Event. Players needed to match 3 or more of them in order to create higher leveled Ancient Objects and claim more points.

Ancient Objects reappeared in the first Zen Dragon Event (January 2018), although they were purely cosmetic, could not be tapped for points and could not be deleted.

Since then they have been featured in almost every out-of-Camp Event, where they are frequently used as Cloud Keys.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Score for Creating Score for Combo Merging
1 1x1 Common Stone Merge for Bricks n/a n/a
2 1x1 Common Bricks Merge for Temple Pieces 10 n/a
3 1x1 Common Temple Pieces Merge for Lost Vases 25 45(2)
4 1x1 Uncommon Lost Vases Merge for Amphorae 50 90(2),130(3)
5 1x1 Uncommon Amphorae Merge for Precious Amphorae 125 225(2), ?(3), ?(4)
6 1x1 Rare Precious Amphorae Merge for Broken Columns 125 396(2), 572(3), ?(4)
7 1x1 Rare Broken Columns Merge for Ancient Columns 325 ?
8 1x1 Epic Ancient Columns Merge for Golden Columns ? ?
9 1x1 Epic Golden Columns Merge for Smallest Temple in the World 100,000 ?
10 1x1 Legendary Smallest Temple in the World Sometimes curses have this effect. 500,000 ?