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Tap to spawn 30+ Autumn Trees!
~ Autumn Tree Totem


The Autumn Tree Totem is a type of Totem that can be bought only during Den Events. It can be tapped for 30+ Autumn Trees.

Spawned Autumn Trees range from Lil' Autumn Sprouts (level 1) to Mystical Autumn Trees (level 5). Most common spawns are Autumn Saplings (level 2) and Young Autumn Trees (level 3), while Mystical Autumn Trees are the rarest.

Once all the Trees spawned, the Totem disappears.

How to Gain[]

  • Buy from the Event Shop during Den Events with price starting at 225 Dragon Gems, rising by 15 Dragon Gems per Totem until capping at 315 Dragon Gems (price may vary from Event to Event).