+20 Stone Storage
~ Basic Stone Yard

Summary Edit

To Buy things you need Stone Bricks that need to be stored in your Stone Storage.

Basic Stone Yards are a type of building and allow you to store +20 Stones. They can be merged into Nice Stone Yards.

How to Gain Edit

Trivia Edit

While it's cheaper to buy 3 Tattered Stone Yards, creating Gigantic Stone Yards(Level 7), which can then be trapped in Loot Orbs, directly from Tattered Stone yards without finishing a single building before buying all the build sites(to minimize cost) is completely impractical, requiring 313 unoccupied tiles, meaning that by the time the final building is purchased, the price will have gone up significantly. Attempting the same starting with only two Nice Stone Yards (Level 3) to unlock Basic Stone yards(which then cost 240 bricks) requires only 125 unoccupied tiles, and, if you buy all the build sites before a single building is finished, exactly 30000 bricks.

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