Summary[edit | edit source]

Bountiful Chests are unique non-mergeable chests that can be earned by completing levels. Once a level is completed a bountiful chest will be added automatically to the bountiful chest menu, which can be accessed from the top left of the screen. After 3 Chests have been collected, no more chests can be earned before 1 of them is removed by unlocking, though would be offered to be bought with Dragon Gems. Only one chest can be unlocked at a given time, but the process can be finished at will by paying Dragon Gems. Once a bountiful chest has been unlocked, it can be transferred to Camp for opening.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are 3 tiers of chests while the first one in available from the start, second when 200 tiles are healed on camp, and the third when 375 pieces of land are healed. The tier a player currently have cannot be changed backwards, once sufficient land have been healed, the tier will be changed for good.

Each tier has 3 types of chests - Bronze, Silver and Golden. Chests made of the richer metal have better prizes. Every level has a different chest type that can be earned by completing it.

Each chest has 2 variants, Normal and Large. Getting the latter is rarer, it takes more time to unlock and it has better loot. The loot of the chests also varies depending on where the chest was earned. The levels are divided into different sections, and each section gives different loot (Different Dragon Eggs and Objects).

3 Tiers x 3 Chest Color Types x 2 Size Variants = 18 Chest Types total while only 6 can be achieved on a given time.

Loot Table[edit | edit source]

Tier Metal Variant Unlock Time(Hours) Unlock Price(DG) Eggs Possible Loot (one or more of listed items)


Land Healed)

Bronze Normal 3 14 1
Large 8 ? ? ?
Silver Normal 6 28 2
Large 10 37 ? ?
Golden Normal 12 84 6
Large 24 ? ? ?


Land Healed)

Bronze Normal 3 18 1
Large 8 47 1-3
Silver Normal 6 35 2-3
Large 10 47 3
Golden Normal 12 70 4-5
Large 24 105 5-8




Land Healed)

Bronze Normal 3 21 1-2
Large 8 56 4
Silver Normal 6 42 3
Large 10 56 4
Golden Normal 12 84 6
Large 24 126 9

Gallery[edit | edit source]

All Bountiful Chests. Note that this is not a game screenshot but a developer one.

Golden chest normal.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tiers can be identified by the number of gems on the chests, while 1 gem represent tier 1, 2 gems tier 2 and 3 gems tier 3.
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