Building is a game mechanic which is used for creating buildings. It acts in a very similar to Harvesting - once a build site is available, either double tapping it, dragging a dragon with stamina into it or a dragon choosing randomally, will initiate the building process.

The dragon will "jump" up and down when building while the build site sprite will highlight with every "jump", in addition to building sounds. More dragons can be called to a build site in order to speed the process.

It is worth noting that once a dragon starts to build something, its stamina is decreased by one, wether it completed to build the building or not, meaning that if a dragon is moved backed and forth from a building site, it will effectively deplete all of it stamina rather quickly, with the build site not turning into a building at all. This is happening because in contrary to Harvesting, the building bar wouldn't reset if the building process is halted, rather be accumulated. Do note that a building site can be build with 1 stamina of any dragon, even the weakest, though it would take longer the weaker the dragon.

The dragon type which excels in building is the Builder. The slowest builders are the Harvesters.

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