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Bushes can be obtained in several ways, They can be found from Level Rewards, in Dragon Chests and Wizard's Chests. They can also be directly spawned by the Tiny Cabins for Hedge Gnomes, which can generate up to eight Shrub Sprouts if tapped three times before the Cabin disappears.

Bushes can be tapped or harvested for Magic Mushroom Caps, and spawn Magic Shroom Clusters or, rarely, Magic Shroom Stalks nearby.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
1 1x1 Common Shrub Sprouts Harvest for Mushroom Caps. 1 n/a ?
2 1x1 Common Budding Shrub Harvest for Mushroom Caps. 2 n/a 14/?
3 1x1 Common Nice Shrub Harvest for Mushroom Caps. 4 n/a 28/?
4 1x1 Uncommon Flowering Shrub Harvest for Mushroom Caps. 8 n/a 54
5 1x1 Uncommon Gorgeous Shrub Harvest for Mushroom Caps. 15 90 108
Wonder 2x2 Epic Ruins of the Sky Palace All that's left of the Sky Palace.

Wonder #10 of the Dragon World

750 180 n/a