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The Camp is the main area where you create and merge Dragons, discover Objects and Merge Chains. It is also the place where you receive all Level Rewards and Event Rewards. The Camp is unlocked upon completing Grassy 2.

There are 486 squares of usable land mostly covered in Evil Fog (<-- see Camp map here) that needs to be cleared. To get rid of it and expand your land you need to collect Dragons and accumulate Dragon Power. The more Power you have, the more Dead Land will be uncovered, which you will have to heal through Healing Power.

There are also three islands of Premium Land at the bottom of the Camp which can only be unlocked by spending real money.

Note: The game also counts the 50 tiles from Main and East Premium Land even if they're not purchased, so the total amount of available land as reported by the game (536) is slightly misleading.

Picture Guide[]

Outside of Camp[]

World Map outside of Camp

The outside of your Camp is represented by a large island which holds a Camp button with Giant Dragon Mansion above it. The number in the Gold Star below it shows the amount of Camp Quests completed. When you tap the button, the pop-up window appears to the side of it showcasing other information about your Camp, such as your 3 best Dragons (random 3, if there are more), which are selected based on their rarity and level, your current total Dragon Power, your current Score and the amount of land you have unlocked and healed.

Also pictured are the Chest Room icon in the upper left corner, and Camp, Game Settings and Cloud Save icons in the lower left corner of the screen. They're always present on the screen no matter where you are on the World Map, and tapping the Camp icon will teleport you right to the beginning of the Map.

Beta Version

Inside of Camp[]

Inside view of Camp

In Camp, starting from the top left corner, in a clock-wise direction, we have:

  • Map Button - Brings you to the World Map.
  • Camp Score - Increases through merging objects and does not unlock anything.
  • Chest Room - Opens up a mini screen showing the Bountiful Chests you have gotten from Levels.
    • Seasons - During Seasons, below the Chest Room you can see current Season's icon and the quest available at the moment. Tapping it opens Season's quests and rewards window. (To unlock Seasons you need 300 Dragon Power.)
      • Dragon Missions - Below the Season icon you can see how many energy you have for your Dragon Missions. (To unlock Dragon Missions you need 25 Dragon Power.)
  • Magic Currency - Tapping it opens the Magic Currency information window, showing your max Magic Coins capacity and tips on how to get and where to spend them.
  • Stone Bricks - Tapping it opens the Stone Bricks information window, showing your max Stone Bricks capacity and tips on how to get and where to spend them.
    • Premium Offer - Below the Stone Bricks bar you can see an icon of the Premium Offer if there's one available. Premium Offers appear randomly, different for each player. Tapping it opens up Premium Offer window, showcasing the items you can buy with real money for a limited time (usually 12 hours). Here you can see examples of 4 general types of Offers:

Chest Offer

Egg Offer

Nest Offer

Mystery Offer

  • Dragon Gems (top right corner) - Shows how many Dragon Gems you have. Dragon Gems bar has unlimited capacity, it'll stretch every time you overpass the maximum. Tapping it opens the Dragon Gems Store.
  • Chalices - Chalices are used to play Levels, they recharge one per hour. Tapping the icon will show how long till your next Chalice.
  • One-Time Offer - For the duration of out-of-Camp Events (including Den Events) you can access one-time offer both from Event and your Camp. See an example of such offer here. (To have access to the out-of-Camp Events you need 100 Dragon Power. Den Events require 400 Dragon Power and being a part of a Den.)
  • Dragon Book - Indicator shows how many 3-merges or 5-merges can you make depending on whether you've selected "Prefer 5-merges for Dragons" in your Game Settings or not. Tapping opens a menu that lists all Dragons you have.
  • Friends - Indicator shows how many Friend Gifts and Friend Requests you have in your inbox. Tapping it opens a Friends Menu showcasing all your Friends. (To unlock Friends you need 7 Dragon Power.)
  • Buy Menu - Indicator shows how many items you can purchase based on the amount of Coins, Stone Bricks and Dragon Gems you have. Tapping it opens the main store - the place where you can purchase Dragons, Buildings, various Chests and treasures.
  • Screen Drag option (bottom right corner) - While it is active, the screen will be frozen in place.
  • Den Icon - Opens either a Den Menu or a Den Search menu if you're not a part of a Den yet. (To have access to Dens you need 400 Dragon Power.)
  • Object Information Bar (bottom left corner) - Tap the arrow to expand or hide the information on the currently selected object.
  • Events - A few days before and for the duration of Events you can see the Event icon both in your Camp and outside of it. Tapping it opens either Event Announcement window or Event Rewards window. (To have access to the out-of-Camp Events you need 100 Dragon Power. Camp & Chill Event requires 250 Dragon Power. And Den Events require 400 Dragon Power and being a part of a Den.)
  • Camp Quests (3 Stars in a column) - There are currently a total of 390 Camp Quests you can complete in Camp to get Goal Stars.
  • Quest Stars - Shows the combined number of all Stars you've received from completing Camp Quests and Levels' Quests.

Also shown in the picture are the Den Castle, the ship of Kala The Treasure Hunter, the Daily Reward island and the Premium Land.