The Camp is the main area where you create and merge Dragons, discover objects and merge chains. It is also the place where you receive all Level Rewards and Event Rewards. The camp is unlocked upon completing Grassy 2.

There are 486 squares of usable land mostly covered in evil fog (<-- see camp map here) that needs to be cleared. To get rid them and expand your land, collect dragons to accumulate dragon power. The more power you have, the more dead land will be uncovered, and you have to heal them through Healing Power. (Note: the game also counts the 4 unusable squares occupied by the daily treasure chest, so the total land uncovered as reported by the game is slightly misleading.)

There are also three islands of Premium Land at the bottom of the camp which can only be unlocked through spending money.

Picture Guide

Outside of the Camp, there is a Giant Dragon Mansion behind it. The number in the Gold Star below shows the number of Camp Quests completed. To the side of it, the board contains other information about the Camp, such as your best 3 Dragons (random 3 if there are more) that are based on their rarity, your current total Dragon Power, your current Score and the amount of Land you have unlocked and healed.

Camp new design.png

In Camp, starting from the top left corner, in a clock-wise direction, we have:

  • Map Button - Brings you to the world map.
  • Camp Score - Increased through merging objects and does not unlock anything.
  • Chest Room - Opens up a mini screen showing the Bountiful Chests you have gotten from Levels.
  • Magic Currency - Tapping it shows the Magic Coins mini screen, showing your max Magic Coins capacity, tips on how to get and where to spend them.
  • Stone Bricks - Tapping it shows the Stone Bricks mini screen, showing your max Stone Bricks capacity, tips on how to get and where to spend them.
  • Dragon Gems - Tapping it shows the Buy Dragon Gems Menu.
  • Chalices - Chalices are used to play Levels.
  • Dragon Book - Shows all Dragons you have.
  • Egg Shop.
  • Shop...
  • Build.
  • Screen Drag option (Bottom right corner) - While it is active, the screen will be frozen in place.
  • Object Information (Bottom left corner) - Tap the arrow to expand or hide the information on the currently selected object.
  • Camp Quests (3 Stars in a column) - There are currently a total of 390 Camp Quests you can do in camp to get Goal Stars.
  • Quest Stars (Not shown in the picture, but it is below the Map) - Shows the number of Camp Quests you have completed.

Also shown in the picture is the Daily Treasure Chest, Kala The Treasure Hunter, and Premium Land.


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