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Cloud Land 11 is a level in the Clouds bracket. It involves a series of nested Mystic Cloud Keys.

Walkthrough []

  • Use Life Essence to clear cloud sections in top right corner and mid-lower left corner
  • Let Puddles turn into Hero Mushrooms (also potentially spawns Spotted Shrooms which can be used to heal the lower left corner of Super Dead Land)
  • Merge 3 Life Essence to create Tiny Life Orb and use to heal land in the lower right corner
  • Merge Emerald Plains Grass with Super Dead Land in lower left corner, possible chain merge creates bubble which can be used to heal any leftovers in lower right corner
  • Take the Spotted Shrooms from the upper left corner and lower right corner to heal the last corner of Super Dead Land if you didn't get enough Spotted Shrooms earlier
  • Use the Hero Mushroom to clear 3 sections of clouds
  • Merging in 5's, merge Life Flowers to create 2 Glowing Life Flowers
  • Combine with single Glowing Life flower on upper middle square to create a Twin Life Flower
  • Use Twin Life Flower to clear clouds in upper left area
  • Harvest life orbs to heal all land that is not Super Dead Land
  • Merge Young Fruit Trees on Super Dead Land to create a Small Fruit Tree and clear 2 more sections of clouds
  • Merge Fruit Tree Leaf, Seed, Magic Mushroom Caps, and Fresh Stones with Super Dead Land on right side
  • Harvest the Moss Covered Stone for a Stone Brick, use to clear clouds in the middle
  • Move the Living Stone to clear the last section of clouds
  • Hang around a bit and harvest/merge bricks if you need them
  • Merge 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues to complete level