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Cloud Land 5 is a level in the Clouds bracket. It involves a series of nested Mystic Cloud Keys.  

Walkthrough []

  1. Merge the five Seeds of the Prism Flower to create two Sprouting Prism Flowers.
  2. Merge the three Sprouting Prism Flowers to create Prism Flower Buds, satisfying the first goal.
  3. Merge the three Prism Flower Buds to create Opening Prism Flowers.
  4. Merge the three Shrub Sprouts to create a Budding Shrub.
  5. The creation of the Prism Flowers should have healed at least one of the other Budding Shrub, but if not do so by tapping the Opening Prism Flowers. Merge the three Budding Shrubs to create a Nice Shrub, satisfying the second goal. This is also the first Cloud Key; open the first lock.
  6. 5-merge the Bones (3 are on dead land) to create Life Flower Sprouts.
  7. Merge the Life Flower Sprouts with sprouts on dead land to create Life Flowers, and merge three Life Flowers to create a Blue Life Flower. This is the second Cloud Key, but do not use it yet.
  8. Merge the Grass Dragon Eggs. Merge the Defender Dragon Portals. (Do not tap out any of the nests yet.)
  9. Harvest the Blue Life Flower and use the Life Essences to heal the remaining dead land.
  10. The next section contains Zomblin Caves that must be managed carefully. Prepare by continuing to harvest from the Life Flowers; merge Life Essences until you have several Small Life Orbs.
  11. Use the Blue Life Flower to open the second lock, revealing the Zomblin Caves. Tap a cave to release a Zomblin. Tap the Zomblin to have your dragons attack it, and then tap the cave again to have your dragons destroy that as well. You will need as many Fresh Graves as possible, so make sure you tap each cave before it is destroyed. Dragons will automatically attack caves, sometimes necessitating that you quickly tap them before they are gone. If you become overwhelmed by Zomblins, use the Small Life Orbs for additional firepower. Creating additional dragons from the nests is risky, as it can accelerate the problem.
  12. After the frenzy of Zomblin and Zomblin Cave carnage, the map will be littered with Stone Brick and Fresh Graves, and many will probably also have been bubbled. Merge the Fresh Graves as far up their chain as you can, but make sure you keep at least one Fresh Grave. Merge the Stone Brick into Stone Bricks, then Pile of Stone Bricks and Nightstone Brick, which is the third cloud key. There should be more than enough material to achieve this with 3-merges.
  13. Open the third lock to reveal a section of super dead land.
  14. Merge a Dragon Tree Leaf with the ones on super dead land. (Harvest one from Opening Prism Flowers if needed.) The Heal Extender will heal the Petrified Woodland Zomblin; keep an eye on it.
  15. Merge a Fresh Grave with the ones on super dead land. Activate several adjacent Heal Extenders, healing a Pineapple that can merge with its neighbors to heal them.
  16. The fourth Cloud Key is a Hero Mushroom, which is hidden on an isolated 1x1 island at the bottom of the map. Zoom out and pan down to find it and bring it back to open the lock.
  17. Attack and destroy the Demon Gate to get a Destroyed Gaia Statue.
  18. If you have already created a Lost Soul's Grave, merge it with the Lost Soul's Graves on super dead land (drag it to where the Demon Gate was), creating two Doom Crosses to satisfy the third goal. Otherwise, merge the Petrified Swamp Zomblins and if necessary wait for the Woodland Zomblin to animate as well, killing these Zomblins to get enough graves to merge into a Lost Soul's Grave first. (If you will be attacking these Zomblins, now is a good time to tap out the nests and create additional dragons.)
  19. Merge the Destroyed Gaia Statues to complete the level.