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Cloud Land 5 is a level in the Clouds bracket. It involves a series of nested Mystic Cloud Keys.  

Walkthrough Edit

It's a straightfoward level.

Pay attention to your dragons when you have to kill Zomblins.

Create a Lost Soul's Grave before your dragons destroy the Zomblins' Caves, you will have four in Super Dead Land to merge and get two Doom Crosses.

To find the Hero Mushroom, zoom all the way out and it will be under the main map, on a 1x1, really isolated, island.

  1. Merge the 5 Seeds of the Prism Flower.
  2. Merge the Sprouting Prism Flower just created with the other Sprouting Prism Flower. This will satisfy the first goal.
  3. Merge the three Shrub Sprouts.
  4. Heal one or two of the Budding Shrubs and merge the three Budding Shrubs together. Use the Nice Shrub created to unlock a section of the clouded section.
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