This level is based on collecting floating life orbs and doing a lot of merging of objects on dead land. You get some dragons, but you won't really need them until the end.

Challenge WalkthroughEdit

To complete this challenge, you will need one Tiny Life Orb and three Furious Life Orbs. You will not need to unlock the clouds in the top right.

For best results, you should be multitasking - there are likely to be extended periods of time when no floating Life Orbs arrive.

Examine the outer rim of the map carefully before you begin.

  1. Wait for floating Life Orbs. There is nothing you can do until some appear in the far left of the screen. Use a Tiny Life Orb to unlock the clouds in the top left.
  2. Tap the revealed Skeleton Dragon Nest four times and merge each egg with four on Super Dead Land by moving them to the corners of the map. (Note: You may only get three eggs in the nest.) Allow the dragons to harvest Life Essence, and merge it up as/when you have time while you wait for further floating Life Orbs.
  3. Use a Furious Life Orb to unlock the clouds in the bottom left. (You will need to merge other floating Life Orbs to get the Furious Life Orb. Remember, you will need two more as well.) You can do this step before or after Step 3.
  4. Once you have unlocked the clouds in the top left and/or while you are waiting to get a Furious Life Orb, merge one of the Life Flowers with two on dead land, and merge the resulting Blue Life Flower with the pair of these on dead land in the top row.
  5. Merge the resulting Glowing Life Flower with the three on dead land directly below to create a Twin Life Flower. (You will have one Glowing Life Flower left over.)
  6. If/when you have time, you can work on the outer rim. Merge each of the three Life Flower Sprouts with two more on dead land on the left and top edges of the map. Merge the other Life Flowers with two on dead land. You can also merge the left-over Glowing Life Flower from Step 4 with the three on dead land on the right. None of this strictly necessary, but healing this dead land makes the later healing of the Destroyed Gaia Statues faster as the energy is not wasted on it. Along the same lines, do not be tempted to use a Life Orb to unlock the clouds in the top right. If you do, you will have to waste time healing that dead land too!
  7. When you have a Furious Life Orb and have unlocked the clouds in the lower left, merge the Twin Life Flower created in Step 4 with the four on dead land.
  8. Merge one of the Brilliant Life Flowers created with the four on dead land to create a Life Tree Sprout.
  9. Make two more Furious Life Orbs from floating Life Orbs, merge them to create a Wondrous Life Orb and use it to unlock the lower right section of clouds.
  10. Merge the Life Tree Sprout with two on dead land to make a Life Tree Sapling.
  11. Merge the Life Tree Sapling with two on dead land to make a Rooted Life Tree.
  12. Merge the Rooted Life Tree with two on dead land to make a Fanciful Life Tree.
  13. Merge the Fanciful Life Tree with two on dead land to make a Gossamer Life Tree. This can be harvested for Wondrous Life Orbs.
  14. At this stage, you are looking to heal two of the three Destroyed Gaia Statues. Since the Gossamer Life Tree is sufficiently high level, three dragons can harvest from it simultaneously. You do this by dragging each dragon to the tree until the land plot has a blue edge and the word "Harvest" appears. As soon as the dragon has completed a harvest, drag it back to the tree again. (Do not tap the tree, as this will cause the other dragons to stop harvesting.) Be aware that some of your whelps may merge into kids via this method.
  15. Merge five Wondrous Life Orbs to make two Great Life Orbs.
  16. Move a Great Life Orb to beside the Destroyed Gaia Statue farthest from any Super Dead Land you may have, and allow it to heal the statue. Do the same with the other statue.
  17. Move the two healed statues to the third one and merge them.

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Though this level should be Craven Crypt 17, its name currently does not change from Challenge 30 when the challenge is completed.

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