• Merge the Bundle of Elderwood with the two on super dead land to get a Tiny Cabin for Hedge Gnomes. Tap the Tiny Cabin for Hedge Gnomes to get Shrub Sprouts (at least two) and merge these with the one on super dead land to get a Budding Shrub (goal star 2), and activate the Heal Extender.
  • Destroy the Demon Gate
  • The next steps can be done simultaneously with the previous ones:
  • Merge the two Life Flower Sprouts with the one on partially dead land (or super dead land if you can) to get a Life Flower. Harvest Life Flower(s) and heal at least one land with a Cursed Zomblin Cave. Merge the two Fresh Graveyards with the one on super dead land. Activate the Heal Extender.
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