Summary[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Merge the Ruby Plains Grass. Then Merge the 7 Life Flower Sprouts.

Step 2: Merge and hatch 3 Roc Dragon Eggs.

Step 3: Merge the 3 Life Flowers to create a Blue Life Flower. Harvest from this for 2 Life Essence then merge the life essence with the 1 on the dead land, and the Blue Flower with the two on dead respectively.

Step 4: Merge and hatch the 3 Roc Eggs.

Step 5: Merge Tanzanite Plains Grass, and Magic Shroom Cluster in groups of 3 at the bottom right.

Step 6: Harvest some more Life Essence while working your way through the eggs. Hatch from the nests and merge respectively.

Step 7: (Stars 1 and 2) Merge the Undead Tree with the 3 behind it on dead land on the left, then to the 4 on the right. Can merge the 3 Deathly Hallow Trees and Harvest for Decayed Logs from the result. Break logs for Elderwood and farm to build up to Bundle of Elderwood. SAVE UNLOCKING Zomblin Caves for last.

Step 8: While this is being done by the dragons, Merge the 3 Spotted Shroom, Take the resulting Hero Mushroom to top left and merge, activate heal extender. Take the Magic Shroom Stalk, merge top right, activate heal extender.

Step 9: Merge Grass Tuft and Prism Flower Buds.

Step 10: (Star 3) Merge the Bundle of Elderwood to unlock Zomblin Caves and let the dragons do their thing :). Finally merge the 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues to win with 3 stars!

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