Crystal Chests were available in the Mortyablo Deja Moo Event as well as Merge Dragons! Birthday Event. The Chests contain Crystal Fruit, Coins, Life Orbs and Crystal Sources. A couple of each level were available on the Event's map and more could be harvested from the Crystal Trees.

Level Size Rarity Name Description Contents
1 1x1 Common Quartz Chest Tap to open for special rewards! Bronze Coins, level 2-3 Life Orbs, level 1-3 Crystal Fruit, 0-2 Unrefined Ores
2 1x1 Uncommon Amaranthine Chest Tap to open for special rewards! 0-4 Silver Coins, 0-5 Life Orbs, 0-1 Furious Life Orb, 1-4 level 3-4 Crystal Fruit, 0-5 Crystal Mines
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