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Daily Treasure Chests are non-mergeable chests that were introduced on version 2.0.0. It lies on a dedicated 2x2 island floating at the bottom-right of the camp. After tapping the chest, it will spawn on the nearest available tile on the camp. Afterward, a 23 hours timer starts for spawning the next daily chest.
Daily Treasure Chest Island

Daily Treasure Chest Island

Daily Treasure Chest Variations Edit

Daily Treasure Chests contains random loot which increases in value randomly across the sequence.

Every time a player achieves 7 daily chests (the 7th, the 14th, the 21st etc), the last one will have a purple hue and be larger than the regular ones.

Rare Daily Treasure Chests contains a Super Egg Fragment and two Fallen Stars, with the exception of the 7th chest in the sequence (49th), which contains a Super Egg Fragment and 2 Life Tree Sprouts instead.

The 49th chest is 2x2, while all other chests are 1x1.

Loot Edit

The loot of the daily chests improves as more daily chests are opened, resetting after 49 daily chests. The "chain" won't reset if a player waits more than a day to open a chest, and the "loot" of the chest will be determined by how many chests the player has opened beforehand and not by the number of days passed.

The chest number can be checked before taking it from its island, as the text would say "Collect (#X)" while the X is the number of the chest.

After collecting the 49th chest, the counter will entitle the next treasure chest as the 50th chest, however, the rewards are reset, meaning for the 50th chest you'd get the 1st reward, for the 51st one the 2nd reward and so on. Generally speaking, take the number of the daily chest you currently have and decrease 49 from it until it is between 1 to 49, that would be its reward. ( 0<X-49K<50, X and K are natural numbers, where X is the number of your chest and K is the amount of times you decrease 49).

Day/Chest # Loot
1 Life Flower Sprouts x 15
2 Unearthed Skeletons x 6
3 Pile of Riches x 1
4 Tiny Life Orb x 7
5 Stone Bricks x 6, Pile of Stone Bricks x 3
6 Chest of Stones x 1
7 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Fallen Star x 2
8 Life Flowers x 8
9 Magic Coin - Bronze x 7
10 Small Life Orbs x 6
11 Fallen Star x 3
12 Chest of Stones x 1
13 Great Life Orb x 1
14 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Fallen Star x 2
15 Blue Life Flower x 5
16 Leaf of a fruit tree x 8
17 Life Orb x 5
18 Fruit Tree Sapling x 4, Young Fruit Tree x 2
19 Twin Life Flower
20 Pile of Riches x 3
21 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Fallen Star x 2
22 Glowing Life Flower x 2
23 Magic Coin - Silver x 4, Magic Coin - Gold x 2
24 Furious Life Orb x 4
25 Fallen Star x 5
26 Chest of Stones x 2
27 Fruit Tree Sapling x 3, Young Fruit Tree x 3
28 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Fallen Star x 2
29 Twin Life Flower, Blue Life Flower x 2
30 Fresh Stones x 2, Moss Covered Stone x 4
31 Wondrous Life Orb x 2
32 Noble Chest x 3
33 Magnificent Fallen Star
34 Magic Shrooms x 5, Green Dream Shrooms x 2
35 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Fallen Star x 2
36 Life Flower x 12, Brilliant Life Flower x 1
37 Chest of Stones
38 Small Life Orb x 5, Great Life Orb x 1
39 Mound of Rich Stuff x 2
40 Small Fruit Tree x 2, Fruit Tree Sapling x 5
41 Nightstone Brick x 2, Pile of Stone Bricks x 3
42 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Fallen Star x 2
43 Giant Life Flower x 1, Glowing Life Flower x 2
44 Large Moss Stone x 2, Clover Stone x 1
45 Giant Life Orb x 1, Tiny Life Orb x 5
46 Small Fruit Tree x 1, Fruit Tree x 1
47 Magnificent Fallen Star x 2
48 Ancient Dragon Skull x 1, Unearthed Skeleton x 6
49 Super Egg Fragment x 1, Life Tree Sprout x 2

Trivia Edit

  • The 4 tiles of daily treasure chest island are counted as land healed in camp.
  • Until version 2.5.0, the Daily Treasure Chest used to take 24 hours until it spawned.
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