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Den Castle


Dens are a social feature introduced in the Version 4.0.0 (5th of September 2019). It requires an active internet connection and unlocks when you accumulate at least 400 Dragon Power. After unlocking it you have the option of either searching for the Den to join or creating your own for 500 Coins.

A Den is a community of up to 30 people. At first its only defining feature was an ability to chat within the game. But in March 2021 the Den Events were introduced where an additional tier of Event Rewards can be unlocked through joint efforts, encouraging players to search for and form active Dens.

In Version 7.5.0 (13th of December 2021) a new Weekly Den Chest feature was added to the game, prompting further cooperation within Dens.

Den Parameters[]

Dens can be defined by a few parameters:

  1. Language. Currently the game lists 12 supported languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  2. Den Type. There are three gameplay types of Dens: Casual, Intermediate and Hardcore.
  3. Dragon Power Threshold. Additionally, the Den's creator may set a minimum limit of Dragon Power for applying to their Den.

Den Search[]

You can either look up the Den name you already know, or use the "More Options" window to adjust the Den search parameters to your liking.

Den Creation[]

If you don't want to join any Den, there's an option to create your own. After naming the Den, editing its emblem, adding the description, selecting Language, Den Type, setting a Dragon Power limit and deciding whether the Den will be public or private, you need to pay 500 Coins to complete the Den creation. All these options can also be adjusted later in the Den settings.

The Den's creator receives the Leader rank and has the ability of blocking/kicking other members from their Den.

Den Menu[]

The Den Menu can be accessed either from the Den Castle in the bottom left corner of the Camp or from the Den icon in the bottom right corner of the game screen. It consists of four tabs: Members, Chest, Chat and Events.

To see the Den's information, the Den settings need to be opened from the Members tab. In the Den's information window you can see the total Dragon Power and Camp Quests' Stars of all Den members, Den's parameters, date of creation and an option to report the Den.

Members Tab[]

The Members tab shows the Den's emblem, name, summed Dragon Power and Camp Quests' Stars of all Den members, and Den options button at the top. Below it there's a list of all members, with their Dragon Power and the time of their last activity specified. You are highlighted in green, while the Den's Leader (creator) is highlighted in purple.

By clicking any member's username you can see the options to visit their Camp, add them as a Friend, and report them.

Chest Tab[]

In Version 7.5.0 (13th of December 2021) a new Chest Tab was added to the Den Menu, where you can see the information about the Weekly Den Chest.

Every week Den Members can earn points by merging Eggs and Dragons. The higher the Dragon's level, the more points you'll receive. To unlock the level 1 Den Chest you must collect at least 50 points. After that all additional points will be added to the Den's total score. To level up the Den Chest your Den needs to accumulate a certain amount of points:

  • Level 2 - 200 points (total 250 points)
  • Level 3 - 750 points (total 1,000 points)
  • Level 4 - 2,500 points (total 3,500 points)
  • Level 5 - 7,500 points (total 11,000 points)

After the week is concluded, each Den Member who contributed at least 50 points will receive the Den Chest earned by the Den.

In the Chest Tab you can see what level of the Den Chest was unlocked, how much time is left in the week, and the leaderboard of all den members.

Weekly Den Chests[]

There are 5 levels of Weekly Den Chests, each with 2 types - Normal (free) and Premium (gems).

To gain the Premium den chest, Tap the Normal one and chose Premium with paying gems.

Chat Tab[]

The Chat tab shows the last 20 messages. Your avatar will appear on the right and your replies are shown on the left. When there're new messages available, the red indicator with the number will show up both on the Chat's tab and the Den's icon in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

Events Tab[]

Since the Version 5.5.0 (23rd of February 2021) there's an additional tab for Den Events.

During the Event it shows the leaderboard of members participating in it, the amount of Points they've earned and amount of level 5 Aureus Coins they've used. At the top you can see the Event's name, time left until its end and the total Den Score that determines how many additional Event Rewards Den members will receive.

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