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A Dimensional Jar is a non-mergeable object which sometimes appears upon merging different items, usually higher-level ones (the chance is greater the higher the item's level). The item it contains is a clone of the object that was just created.

Upon creation, a timer for 1 hour will start, which counts down to when the Dimensional Jar disappears. The timer can be stopped if the Jar is bubbled before it runs out.

Tapping the Jar brings up a special offer window where you can open it for Dragon Gems or by watching an advertisement (a Beta feature introduced in Version 7.2.0 (21st of October 2021); so far, the players are limited to 4 ads per 24 hours, and only for Jars costing 50 Gems or less).

Dimensional Jars containing higher-level objects require more Dragon Gems to open. Refer to the Merge Chain of the particular object to view these prices.

The size of the Jar corresponds to the size of the object inside. For instance, a Mystical Fruit Tree Jar would cover 2 tiles, and a Magic Beanstalk Jar would cover 4 tiles.

Every Dimensional Jar can be sold for 50 Magic Coins, regardless of content.


The Merge Chains that can spawn Dimensional Jars are:


  • The offers are very much worth it, especially when it offers high-level objects. The Dragon Gem price is significantly lower than the price one would pay to take the same item as a Level Reward or to purchase from the Kala's Shop.
  • Most Wonders when created have a guaranteed chance of spawning a Dimensional Jar.
  • Merging in 5s counts as 2 merges, hence can spawn up to 2 Dimensional Jars.


  • Dimensional Jars can appear in Events but cost much more Gems. See here for specifics.
  • Dimensional Jars cannot appear in Levels.
  • If you bubble a Dimensional Jar it will appear empty in the Loot Orb.