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Dragon Icon

The Dragon Book gives a summary of all your dragons and allows you to merge them in a controlled setting. It is accessed by tapping on the Dragon Icon at the right hand side of the screen. The number in the green circle is 3-merges or 5-merges you can make.

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The Dragon Book shows your current Dragon Power and the number of discovered Dragons. There are currently a total of 27 dragons that can be discovered—of which 8 are event-only—each with 8 separate dragon levels (not including eggs and nests) for a total of 216 dragons.

Dragon Book

Merging Edit


You can either merge them as 3 or 5. Tap on the the Merge 3! or Merge 5! buttons of the dragons you want to merge and then click OK for them to merge. Note that if you have 5 dragons or above, you cannot merge 3 without doing a manual merge within camp (i.e dragging one whelp on top of two other whelps).

Remember: Merging 5 is always better than merging 3.

If you merge 3 or 5 level 4 dragons, 1 or 2 nests are created. Your dragon power will go down so find the nests and tap them for new eggs to merge again.

Renaming Dragons Edit

Prior to 2.2.0, you can now rename your dragons by tapping on the icon at the top right hand corner of each dragons. Duplicate name are allowed, however names are limited to 24 characters. Profane or vulgar names are not allowed. [Data unknown/missing. Can you help, please?] Name rules?

Trivia Edit

  • The Dragon Book is a newer feature and is not available on the Mazza Studio Version.
  • After Version 2.2.0:
    • The Dragon Book now remembers where you last scrolled to, to facilitate multiple merges of the same types of Dragons.
    • Turning off the auto-combine option in the Settings will allow you to merge Dragons freely without worrying about them auto-combining (i.e. you could have 10 Dragon Kids and then do 2 5-merges without the resulting Dragons auto-combining).
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