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Dragon Homes are buildings that allow your Dragons to rest and regenerate their Stamina.

Behavior with Dragons[]


When bought from the Build Menu, it appears as a Build Site. An arbitrary number of Dragons may automatically start to build it. You may also double-tap or drag any Dragon onto it to start building.

Build Site

Number of Dragons[]

If a Dragon Home has a bar above it with a double arrow, and an animated sleeping sprite "zzz", at least one Dragon is sleeping inside. If there are more than 1 Dragon, there will be a number. If a Dragon Home has smoke coming out from it, there are Dragons inside that are awake. Otherwise, it is unoccupied.

Waking Dragons[]

When you enter the Camp all Dragons that have woken up while you were away from it will emerge from the Dragon Homes one by one, landing on some free tiles. Since only 15 Dragons may be active in Camp at any time, the excess Dragons will go back inside a random Dragon Home and wait until some other Dragons have gone asleep.

Tapping a Dragon Home which has smoke coming out from it will eject a Dragon.

When a Dragon has its Stamina used up it will go back into a random Dragon Home, from which a random Dragon will emerge in replacement, if there are any awake Dragons in it and if the number of roaming Dragons is not over the cap.

Sleeping Times[]

When a Dragon awakens and emerges from a Home, the sleep timer resets, and no more Dragons can emerge until the full rest time has elapsed. So if you merge all your Homes into one, only one Dragon will be resting at any given time. Having many different Dragon Homes gives you maximum active Dragon time.

You can wake up your best Dragon (the one with the most Stamina) by watching an advertisment. All Dragons sleeping inside a certain Dragon Home can also be woken up immediately for Dragon Gems (the amount is proportionate to the quantity and level of Dragons).


The sleeping process could be sped up by Alarm Clocks, which appeared only in Version 1.10.0 to selected players for testing. This Beta is currently retired.


When Dragon Homes are merged or sold all Dragons inside of them will be ejected, and a message saying "Dragon moving day!" will appear. The Dragons will then spread out to the nearest Dragon Homes.

Dragon moving day!

How to Gain[]

  • Buy level 1 Tiny Dragon Homes and level 2 Quaint Dragon Homes in the Build Menu for Stone Bricks.
    • The cost varies - it is proportionate to the number and the level of all non-bubbled Dragon Homes in Camp.
Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems)
1 1x1 Uncommon Tiny Dragon Home Dragons need sleep! This home fully rests 1 Dragon in 20 minutes. 1 n/a
2 1x1 Uncommon Quaint Dragon Home Dragons need rest! This home fully rests 1 Dragon in 17 minutes. 2 n/a
3 1x1 Uncommon Dragon Treehouse Dragons need shut-eye! This home fully rests 1 Dragon in 15 minutes. 4 n/a
4 1x1 Uncommon Stone Dragon Dwelling Dragons need to snooze! This home fully rests 1 Dragon in 13 minutes. 8 n/a
5 1x1 Rare Nice Dragon Home Dragons need slumber! Fully rests 1 Dragon in 11 minutes 15 150
6 1x1 Rare Grand Dragon Home Dragons need siesta! Fully rests 1 Dragon in 9 minutes 30 195
7 1x1 Epic Opulent Dragon Cave Dragons need naps! Fully rests 1 Dragon in 7 minutes 50 240
8 2x2 Legendary Giant Dragon Mansion Dragons need to dream! Fully rests 1 Dragon in 5 minutes. 150 450


  • As the net recovery rate drops when Dragon Homes are merged, it is recommended to keep a large number of low level Dragon Homes instead of trying to merge all of them immediately.
  • As you increase the level of your Dragons (and thus their Stamina) by merging, you will not need as many Dragon Homes. Selling or bubbling all but one Home reduces the cost to 7 Stone Bricks so that many new low level Homes can be bought to replace merged ones.


  • There is a Giant Dragon Mansion above the Camp in the Levels Map.
  • Prior to Version 6.2.0 (17th of May 2021) it was possible to bubble all Dragon Homes in Camp, however, that would cause a deadlock after all Dragons have used up their Stamina, and with no place to rest. There was also a negative impact to the performance of the game with all Dragons wandering in Camp. Since Version 6.2.0 the game does not allow the last Dragon Home to be bubbled, and if you try there will be a red square around it.
  • It is not possible to sell your last Dragon Home. If you try a warning message saying "You cannot sell the last of this kind of object! Your Dragons would never forgive you!" will pop up.

Cannot sell last Dragon Home