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Dragon Shrine is a feature in Merge Dragons!, first released as Beta with Version 8.5.0 (13th of May 2022). It's a revamp of the discontinued Royal Egg Bank feature.

You can open the Dragon Shrine by tapping the Dragon Shrine Trigger.png icon on the top center left of the screen.

The player can earn various rewards for their Camp by collecting Wishes and opening Dragon Shrine Chests, including:

From left to right: level 1-6 Dragon Shrine Chests

How Dragon Shrine Works[]


Upon entering the Dragon Shrine after tapping the Dragon Shrine Trigger.png icon, you will be shown a list containing of the 9 rewards and a collection bonus for a total of 10 rewards. Each reward requires a certain amount of Wishes. You will need a total of 750 Wishes (15, 15, 30, 30, 90, 120, 150, 150 & 150) to get all the rewards.

To receive the Dragon Shrine Chest with all rewards you've earned you must spend 200 Gems.

You can buy your Dragon Shrine Chest anytime (example: Shrine's icon after you've earned 7 rewards Fotor 1654508960317.png), but once you have earned all the rewards it starts a 24 hour timer (example: Shrine's icon with a timer Fotor 1654508906247.png) within which you must purchase the Chest or loose your progress/Wishes you have collected.

Every time you buy the Chest you get the chance to upgrade your Dragon Shrine to the next level and get better Chests/rewards. There are currently a total of 6 levels of the Dragon Shrine.

Upgrading the Shrine doesn't increase the price of the Chest or the amount of Wishes required.

Collecting Wishes[]

Wishes (points) can be collected by tapping on the three types of Wish Sparks that give either 2, 4 or 10 Wishes. These Wish Sparks can be obtained by variety of ways:

Tap Wish Sparks instead of letting the game auto-collect them[]

Wish Sparks which are auto-collected by the game only award half to amount of Wishes that they are worth. Hence it is better to tap the Wish Sparks yourself as illustrated in the picture below.

Left: Wish Sparks, Center: Auto-collected (2 Wishes), Right: Tapped (4 Wishes)

Shrine Levels[]

The Shrine can be upgraded to get better rewards in the Dragon Shrine Chest.

From top to bottom: list of rewards for the level 1-6 Shrine

Decision Eggs[]

From left to right: level 1-4 Decision Eggs

There are 4 types of Decision Eggs that can be collected as rewards from the Shrine. When you tap each of them you're presented with 3 options of Dragon Eggs/Nests to choose from.

Decision Eggs of higher levels offer rarer Dragon breeds.

  • Level 1 - Nest of coin Dragon breed / Trophy Egg / Silver Dragon Egg (or) Mystery Egg
  • Level 2 - Trophy Egg / Trophy Egg / Trophy Egg
  • Level 3 - Trophy Egg / Pearl Dragon Egg / Trophy Egg
  • Level 4 - Name Dragon Egg (Bug**) / Pearl Dragon Egg / Nest of Silver Dragon Eggs (or) Mystery Eggs

*Only level 1-2 Decision Eggs give Tier 2 Eggs if you have them in Camp.

** There seems to be a bug with the level 4 Decision Egg's first option. Once selected, the [Okay] to confirm your choice doesn't show.

BUG decision eggs.jpg

Completion Bonus[]

From left to right: level 1-3 Completion Bonuses

Completion Bonus is added to your Dragon Shrine Chest when all 9 rewards have been earned. There are 3 versions of Completion Bonuses.

Possible rewards include:

Notes & Tips[]


  • The Dragon Shrine is a Shinto Shrine ⛩ that is said to enshrine Gods. In Japan pearls were described as white gems and were used as offerings to the gods.