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Tap for Dragon Gems! Or bring back to Camp and then Merge!
~ Dragon Star


Dragon Star is a rare type of Goal Star. It can be merged into a Magnificent Dragon Star.

When you complete a Quest in Camp or in a Level there's a 5% chance that you'll receive a Dragon Star instead of a regular Goal Star.

Dragon Star can be tapped 2 to 4 times for Dragon Gems and turns into a Fallen Star when used up.

How to Gain[]

Trivia and Tips[]

  • Dragon Stars will not appear in Child Mode presumably because purchasing with Gems is also disabled.
  • Tap once before merging for maximum Gems output. If you tap it in a Level the resulting Dragon Gem can also be selected to take back to the Camp for free.
  • A Dragon Star tapped once in a Level, when taken to the Camp may only be tapped 1-3 times before degrading. It retains the "damage" from the Level.
  • Assuming optimal usage one can expect a return of about 20 Gems per Dragon Star (estimated from a sample of 30 Stars).
  • Some find it helpful to use the Guide: Where to farm Dragon Stars and Cosmos Eggs.