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Dragon Stars are a rare type of Goal Stars. They can be tapped a few times for Dragon Gems before turning into Goal Stars.

When you complete a Quest in Camp or in a Level there's a 5% chance that you'll receive a level 1 Dragon Star instead of a regular Goal Star.

Getting 2 in 1 play in 0.25%, while 3 is 0.0125%

If it appears in a Level and remains until the end*, upon completing the Level you can select it as a free Level Reward to bring back to Camp.

*Note: Since any level 1 Dragon Star can be tapped 2-4 times, you can safely tap it only once. The resulting Dragon Gem can also be selected to take back to the Camp for free. If you try to tap the Dragon Star 2 or more times it may turn into a Fallen Star and you'll lose it.

How to Gain[]

Level Size Rarity Name Description Taps Tap Rewards Worth (Coins)
1 1x1 Legendary Dragon Star Tap for Dragon Gems! Or bring back to Camp and then Merge! 2-4 Dragon Gem 1
2 1x1 Mythical Magnificent Dragon Star Tap for Extra Dragon Gems! 7-11 Dragon Gem, Giant Dragon Gem 1


Dragon Stars are one of the most important objects for a free-to-play player to have as this is their only source of Dragon Gems. Be sure to tap each level 1 Dragon Star once before merging them, and 5-merge all Dragon Stars and their Dragon Gems for maximum Dragon Gem output.

Alternatively, you can use the following Cloud Save trick to maximize Gem-per-Star output:

From the moment the level 1 Dragon Star appears, it is determined how many times you can tap it. To discover exactly how many, disconnect from the Cloud and go back to your Camp. You can now safely tap your Stars and count how many times you can do each one. Then you reconnect to the server and retrieve the previous save. Pay attention to not chose to keep playing! Now the game is reset to before you tapped your Dragon Stars, but you know how many times they can be tapped before disappearing. If that was for example 3, you can tap the Star safely 2 times.

A Dragon Star tapped once in a Level, when taken to the Camp may only be tapped 1-3 times before degrading. It retains the "damage" from the Level.

For more information on how to accumulate Dragon Stars quickly please check this Guide.