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Dragons are the essence of Merge Dragons. They give you Dragon Power to reveal dead land in your camp.

You start out with Dragon Eggs that you can merge into Dragons.

After merging 3 or 5 level 4 dragons, one or two nests will be created, respectively. These nests have eggs of an evolved form (tier 2) of the same dragons you've merged. The eggs are significantly larger and have a different coloration. Merge them for achieving even greater and stronger dragons!

Dragon Eggs Edit

Eggs can be bought in the Egg Shop, found on dead land in camp, acquired through completing levels, or acquired through completing Kala’s quests and from her shop. Also you can harvest them from Level 4+ dragon trees.

Each locked Dragon Chest contains either eggs or nests, depending on the size of the chest. (egg chest = eggs, nest vault = nest)

Standard Eggs Edit

These Eggs can be bought in the Egg Shop

** Can appear on Kala's Shop.

Non-Buyable Eggs Edit

These eggs cannot be bought from the Egg Shop

Event Eggs Edit

These eggs can at first only be achieved during an event. Usually can be bought*** for Dragon Gems in the Egg Shop shortly after the event ends and the player discovers the event dragon whelp. (with the exception of the Stadium Dragons).

*** Only players which unlocked the dragon whelp of a specific event would have it available at the Egg Shop. New players can try and get it as reward from Challenge Levels and future events.

*^* Not available from the event itself but as a purchaseable nest at the Buy Menu for Dragon Gems. 4-7 Eggs could be achieved as event gift.

Baby Dragons Edit

Only players which purchased the Baby Dragon Pack would have it available at the Egg Shop.

Mystery Eggs Edit

There are three kinds of mystery dragon eggs. A nest of these can be bought in the Egg Shop for Dragon Gems.
Mystery Eggs and Nests

Mystery Nests and Mystery Eggs

They can also be found in Mystery Nests which you get from the 135 and 750 gems Dragon Chests or for 825 gems in the Egg Shop. Despite their name, the Mystery Egg nests of each type also drop random eggs equal to the dragons that may spawn from the corresponding egg (please see the articles for each egg for the complete list).

Dragons Edit

Dragons can be merged via the Dragon Book which lets you merge them in 3s or 5s. To prevent them from auto-merging, toggle off "Allow Chain Reactions" in the Game Settings.

There are over 48 dragon breeds, each with 2 tiers and 6 types of dragons. You can only merge dragons of the same breed and level.

Tips Edit

Dragons sometimes auto-merge immediately after they are created, especially when 3 or more dragons are created in a single merge. Newly created dragons may also merge with roaming dragons (of the same type) when created in quick succession. Most of the time this is a merge of only 3 dragons. From 2.2.0 onwards, you can prevent this by turning off the combos option in the settings.