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Drakeshire 8 is a straightforward level.


  1. Merge each of the Life Flowers and Blue Life Flowers with the five similar ones on dead land below.
  2. Merge 5 of the new Blue Life Flowers from the merges above.
  3. Merge 5 of the new Glowing Life Flowers from the merges above.
  4. Merge the three Fruit Tree Leaves (including one on dead land) and activate a whole chain of heal extenders.
  5. Arrange the four Brilliant Life Flowers into two pairs with a space between them. Merge the three Twin Life Flowers so the merge happens on that space to make a combo.
  6. Activate the other chain of heal extenders.
  7. Tap out the nest and merge eggs.
  8. Destroy the demon gates.
  9. Unless you got lucky with the bonus point items, you'll still be a bit short on points. Tap each tree once for Raspberries, merge the trees, and merge the raspberries.
  10. Set up a 2-way combo with the prism flowers.
  11. Still short on points? Harvest Life Essence, Tiny Life Orbs, and Small Life Orbs from the three kinds of life flower you have left, and set up a 3-way combo when merging them. This yields more than 350 points per 3-way merge.
  12. Merge statues to win.