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Third Occurrence[]

The third occurrence lasted for 3 days, from 3rd to 6th of April 2020, and was available for both iOS and Android. A minimum of 35 Dragon Power was required in order to participate in the Event.

Event Rewards[]

The Event offered 10 prizes, one for each tier of points accumulated. Every time sufficient points were accumulated, the counter was reset for the next goal. The points could be achieved by tapping Easter Treats which could be found either by harvesting/tapping Easter Baskets, harvesting Chocolate Objects, healing the Dead Land, unlocking Cloud Keys, opening Easter Chests and Secret Easter Capsules and tapping Event Quest Stars.

The prizes were as follows:

# Name Description Required Points Total Points
1 Bunny Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon which likes carrots. 3 3
2 Fruit Tree - Level 4 Common 22 25
3 Bunny Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon which likes carrots. 235 260
4 Nest of Moon Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 420 680
5 Bunny Dragon Egg The egg of a dragon which likes carrots. 640 1,320
6 Aged Dragon Tree - Level 6 Uncommon 960 2,280
7 Nest of Bunny Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 4,470 6,750
8 Super Bunn-Bunns Epic 5,400 12,150
9 Moon Dragon - Level 3 Trophy Dragon Power: 45 6,570 18,720
10 Noble Bunny Dragon - Level 4 Trophy Dragon Power: 150 11,230 29,950

The 29,950 point total was roughly equivalent to one level 9 and two level 8 Easter Treats.

3rd easter.jpg

Alternatively, small percent of players had a Soul Crescent Artefact as a 6th reward.

Event Quests[]

For the duration of the Event 10 Quests were available (3 at a time). Upon completion each one granted an Event Quest Star which could be tapped for Life Orbs, Life Flower Sprouts, level 1 Easter Chests, Easter Treats and Chocolate Objects.

The Quests were divided in 3 groups - top star, middle star and bottom star. Once a Quest was completed, you could tap "Next Quest" button in order to see the next Quest in line.

Star Step Action Count Reward
Top 1 Merge 5 items. 150 Event Quest Star
2 Create level 7 Easter Bunny Cake. 5
3 Harvest from level 3 Chocolate Carrot Hunt. 75
Middle 1 Harvest from a Twin Life Flower. 200
2 Harvest from Dead Plants. 75
3 Create The Life Orb of Heavens. 3
Bottom 1 Heal Land. 35
2 Have Healed Land. 350
3 Have Healed Land. 675
4 Heal All the Land. All

For completing all 10 Quests you'd have received the following rewards:


For the duration of the Event various offers could be purchased with Dragon Gems or real money.

Secret Easter Capsules[]

Four types of Event Treasure Capsules were offered during the Event. A Bronze Treasure Capsule could be gained for free once every 3 hours. The shop could be accessed from the bottom right of the screen and unlocked when you had at least 55 land healed in the Event level.

Name Rarity Description Guaranteed Rewards Possible Rewards Price (Dragon Gems)
Bronze Treasure Capsule Uncommon Bronze Treasure Capsule - Level 1 5+ points Life Essence, Tiny Magic Coin, Hill, Life Flower Seed, Life Flower Sprout, Bones, Emerald Plains Grass, Tanzanite Plains Grass, Ruby Plains Grass 8
Silver Treasure Capsule Rare Silver Treasure Capsule - Level 2 150+ points Magic Coin - Bronze, Life Flower, Small Life Orb, Blue Life Flower, Small Easter Basket, Tanzanite Mystery Egg 60
Golden Treasure Capsule Rare Golden Treasure Capsule - Level 3 300 - 1,500 points Life Orb, Blue Life Flower, Furious Life Orb, Glowing Life Flower, Small Easter Basket, Tanzanite Mystery Egg, Wondrous Life Orb, Tanzanite Mystery Nest, Easter Joy Basket 290
Diamond Treasure Capsule Epic Diamond Treasure Capsule - Level 4 2,000 - 4,000 points Furious Life Orb, Twin Life Flower, Tanzanite Mystery Nest, Great Life Orb, Brilliant Life Flower, Small Easter Basket, Tanzanite Mystery Egg, Giant Life Orb, Easter Joy Basket 690

Note: Only the italicized items were listed as possible rewards in the Secret Easter Capsules shop.

One-Time Offer[]

For the duration of the Event a one-time offer consisting of two packs was available, which could be accessed from the middle right of the screen both in Camp and in Event.

For 10$ (in the U.S., the price varied depending on the country of the user) you could get 175 Dragon Gems, a level 3 Basket Dragon, a Baby Bun which spawned Prism Flower Buds once in a while, and a few Easter Chests. For 5$ you could get 75 Dragon Gems, 2 Martian Dragon Eggs, a Soul Crescent Artefact and a few Easter Chests.

This offer had a few variations: one where Baby Bun and Soul Crescent Artefact were switched, and one where Baby Bun wasn't offered at all and was replaced with 3 Martian Dragon Eggs instead.

3rd easter one time offer.jpg