The Sword that Slayed Bahamut. Wonder #3 of the Dragon World.
~ Ensnared Virtue

Summary Edit

Ensnared Virtue is the last level of Grass and Wonder #3 of the Merge Dragon World. It is a type of non-merging object.

Tapping this item initially gives you multiple Sharp Dragon Eggs/Nests, Living Stones and Sunken Chest

After that, the Ensnared Virtue can be tapped for more of the above objects every 8 hours 20 minutes spent in camp.

It can also be harvested for Moss Covered Stone, Living Stone, Magic Coin - Gold, Magic Coin - Silver, Small Life Orb, Life Orb, Glowing Life Flower, Twin Life Flower, Radiant Egg Chest (Cost of 33 or 51 Gems), Dragon Nest Vault (Sharp Dragon variant).

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