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Tap to mine this star for event treasure!
~ Event Quest Star


The Event Quest Star is a type of Star awarded for completing Event Quests in out-of-Camp Events.

Like normal Fallen Stars, Event Quest Stars can be tapped for rewards. Unlike normal Stars, Event Stars cannot be merged and a Dragon Star never appears in the place of an Event Quest Star.

Tap Rewards[]

Event Quest Stars can be tapped 4-5 times for Life Orbs, Life Flower Sprouts, level 1 Event Chests, level 3 Event Point Items and level 0-2 Limited Event Harvestables. Each tap gives 1-2 items.

Den Events[]

Note: Since Den Events are a new feature, the information might be subject to change.

The Event Quest Stars received for completing Event Quests during Den Events and found on Event's map can be tapped 4-5 times for level 2-3 Wishing Well Coins, Sprouting Dragon Trees, Lawn Grass, Prism Flower Buds and Young Autumn Trees. Each tap gives 1-2 items.


Event Quest Star (Rick and Morty Version)