Summary[edit | edit source]

Similar to Levels and Camp, Events have Quests that are rewarded with Event Quest Stars. Each Event has 10 Quests, most of which are the same in all Events.

The current rewards for completion of all 10 Event Quests include an Ancient Spring, a Nest of Owlet Griffon Eggs and a level 3 Midas Tree.

Quests[edit | edit source]

There are 3 Quest lines. Quest 1 will show as the top star, Quest 2 as the middle star, and Quest 3 as the bottom star. Each Quest progresses independently. For instance, if you finish a step in Quest 1, it will progress to the the next step under Quest 1. When the last step in a Quest line is complete, that star may remain yellow or disappear from the screen.

Quest Step Action Count Star
1 1 Merge 5 items. 150 Top
1 2 Create level 7 Event Point Item worth 1,750 points. 5 Top
1 3 Harvest from level 3 Limited Event Harvestable. 75 Top
2 1 Harvest from Twin Life Flower. 200 Middle
2 2 Harvest from dead plants. 75 Middle
2 3 Create The Life Orb of Heavens. 3 Middle
3 1 Have healed land. 35 Bottom
3 2 Have healed land. 350 Bottom
3 3 Have healed land. 675 Bottom
3 4 Heal all land. N/A Bottom

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Event Quests were first introduced during the second occurrence of the Fairy Event in October 2018.
  • The rewards for completing all 10 Event Quests were added much later in the Owlympus Event in May 2019 and consisted at first of an Ancient Spring, a Nest of 7-9 hatched level 1 Owlet Griffons and a level 4 Midas Tree. But during the third occurrence of the Thanksgiving Event in November 2019 they were changed to the current rewards.
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