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Some of the Event Trophies in the Camp


One of the common Event prizes is an Event Trophy. Upon initial Camp arrival if there's free space around them Trophies will typically spawn 4 Event Eggs of a type that can be purchased in Nest form in the Egg Shop for Gems. They will then become a dispenser for Trophy Chests.

Trophies of this type can be sold for 2,000 Coins

For Trophies with alternative behavior, please see below

Trophy Chests[]

Right after unbubbling the Event Trophy, and after that, every 10 hours spent in the Camp it can be tapped for a level 1 Trophy Chest. Level 1 Trophy Chests will typically give either a Young Dragon Tree or a Wondrous Life Orb upon tapping. If you merge them to level 2 they will give either a Young Dragon Tree, a Great Life Orb, or rarely (usually 10% chance) an Event Egg corresponding to the Trophy's Event origin. These Event Eggs can usually be purchased individually in the Egg Shop for Gems.

  • Level 1 Trophy Chests can be sold for 100 Coins
  • Level 2 Trophy Chests can be sold for 300 Coins.


Event Trophies and Trophy Chests[]

Event Trophy Spawns Level 1 Chest Level 2 Chest Event Egg
Artful Bonsai Tree Deer Crimson Guardian Dog Statue Party Panda Lamp Turtle
Blood Moon Plant Martian Blood Moon Fruit True Moon Fruit Moon
Camp Ice Cream Store Cool Flashy Camera Comfy Flip Flops Diva
Camp Summer Shop Bon Bon Flashy Camera (2020) Comfy Flip Flops (2020) Nilla
Dainty Crystal Tree Bon Bon Crystal Watermelon Crystal Pear Nilla
Fairy Mushroom House Fairy Epic Purple Mushroom Epic Blue Mushroom Jungle

(Previously Morpho)

Froopyland Doorway Rick Rainbow-Colored Duct Tape Whip that forces people to like you. Rick
Golden Siren Statue Hera Embellished Sandals Golden Fruit Bowl Zeus
Green Moon Starfish Aqua Magic Coral Life Coral Sea
Pomegranate Autumn Fruit Chest Fruit Cornucopia Wood
Rollerskate Onesie Exciting Basket Wonder Basket Doll
Royal Feathered Mask Jester Snazzy Beads Silver Maracas Samba
Space Cruiser Rick Meeseeks Box Portal Gun Rick
Super Bunn-Bunns Basket Golden Easter Egg Magical Easter Egg Bunny
Swimming Pool Dog Delicious Food Amazing Food Cat
Temple Shiba Sushi Donburi Sensei

Visual guide to the table above. Credits to Amaryllis#9794 on Discord

Event Trophies with alternative behavior[]

These Trophies either are pure Camp decorations that do nothing, don't spawn 4 Event Eggs or can only be tapped for things different from the Trophy Chests. For more information please see their respective pages.