Tap for something good...
~ Fallen Star of the Ages


Fallen Star of the Ages is a type of goal star. It can be merged into The Cosmos Star. When merged, Dragon Egg Chests/Nest Vaults (Cosmos Dragon variant), and Super Nest Vault may be created as a by-product.

It can safely be tapped 2 times for Level 2 to 6 Magic Coins, Level 2 to 6 Life Orbs, Levels 3 to 7 Life Flowers, Level 2 to 6 Treasure Chests, Dragon Tree Leaf, Level 1 to 4 Dragon Trees, Seeds of the Prism Flower, Level 1 to 4 Prism Flowers, Piles of Riches or Healing Power before disappearing on a 3rd or 4th tap.

How to GainEdit

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