Fjord 10 is a straightforward level.


1. Merge the two Life Flower Sprouts found at the bottom with the one on the top right super dead land. (This will unlock the Dragon Tree Seed next to it.)

2. If step 1 doesn't create an automatic merge with the two red Life Flowers, merge them now to expose the Dragon Tree Seed on super dead land.

3. Tap the Life Essence where it is to unlock the Dragon Tree Seed in the top right corner

4. Use the two seeds you just unlocked with the two at the bottom to merge with the one on super dead land.

5. Merge the two Dragon Tree Saplings you just created with the one on super dead land to the left (next to Destroyed Gaia Statue) and activate Heal Extenders,

6. Merge the Fresh Stones with the two at the very top left of the super dead land.

7. Again, if the previous step did not create an automatic merge of the Moss Covered Stones, do that now.

8. Move the resulting Living Stone next to the one on super dead land in the middle. The other one next to it should already be unlocked.

9. Tap the Small Life Orb next to the Magic Mushroom Caps and merge them.

10. Activate the Heal Extenders and wait for the puddle to turn into a Spotted Shroom, then merge with the ones next to it on super dead land and activate Heal Extenders.

11. Merge the two Sprouting Dragon Trees you already have with the three on dead land.

12. Merge two of your red Hero Mushrooms with the one on super dead land, then merge the three purple Triple Shrooms.

13. Merge the resulting Carnivorous Shroom with the two on super dead land at the left. Once you activate the Heal Extenders, this will finally free up your Dragon Nest.

14. You can either merge the five Prism Flower Seeds or wait for them to sprout and then merge.

15. Merge three Prism Flower Buds, then merge the resulting Opening Prism Flowers with the two on the dead land at the bottom.

16. Wait for the Fruit Tree Seeds to sprout, then merge the Fruit Tree to the two Young Fruit Trees.

17. Have your dragon(s) continue to harvest the Prism Flowers for Life Orbs and Dragon Tree Leaves until all land is healed.

18. Destroy the Demon Gates, then merge the three Destroyed Gaia Statues.

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