Fjord 15 is a straightforward level


  1. There are two groups of Life Flower Seeds on super dead land on the island in the middle right. Take two of the Life Flower Seeds at the bottom left and merge one with each group. Activate the heal extenders.
  2. One heal extender frees a Rain Puddle. Quickly take this to the top right island and merge it 3 with two others on super dead land, then merge 3 Fledgling Puddles, then merge 3 Puddles. You can do 2 of these merges as a combo but not all 3. It's important to do this quickly before any of the stages turns into a mushroom; doing this completes a goal.
  3. Merge the Life Essences and use next to one of the Rock Dragon Eggs at the lower left, then merge three of these eggs.
  4. Merge a Life Flower Sprout with a group of 5 on dead land in the middle of the map, next to the Zomblin Caves.
  5. Harvest Life Essence and use it to heal the eggs on the other sections of the left island, and merge two more sets of three eggs. Also merge 5 more Life Flower Sprouts so all dragons can harvest Life Essence.
  6. Merge a Leaf of a Fruit Tree (middle right) with 2 others on super dead land at the bottom right, then merge 3 Fruit Tree Saplings, then merge 3 Young Fruit Trees. Again you can do 2 of these merges as a combo.
  7. Continue harvesting Life Essence and heal the dead land in the middle. Until you have created 3 Zomblins, do this slowly, and tap each cave as soon as you heal it to summon a Zomblin. Kill the Zomblins as they appear. Once you have this done, you can merge up to a larger life orb and heal the rest at once.
  8. Merge three Fresh Graves to create Corwin's Tomb, meeting another goal.
  9. Merge that with Corwin's tombs on Super Dead Land at middle right, and activate the heal extenders.  
  10. This frees two Mushroom Caps. On the island above and below this, merge one of those with 2 more Mushroom caps on super dead land, then merge Spotted Shrooms, and then merge Hero Mushrooms. 
  11. Merge each Triple Shroom with two groups of 3 on super dead land to the left. Activate the heal extenders, which frees two Destroyed Gaia Statues. 
  12. Heal the caves next to the remaining Destroyed Gaia Statue and destroy them.
  13. Merge your Gaia Statues. Since one statue is on super dead land, you only get your third goal star at the same time you complete the level, so you will have to collect from the star during the level-end activity. 
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