Fjord 20 is a straightforward level.


  1. Tap out the nest of Golem Dragon Eggs and merge the eggs.
  2. The dragons will immediately try to destroy the Zomblin caves. Tap two caves to summon Zomblins before they destroy the caves.
  3. Merge each Fresh Grave with two on super dead land at the top left and top right.
  4. Merge both Corwin's Tombs with one on super dead land at lower left.
  5. Activate all the heal extenders.
  6. Merge two Magic Mushroom Caps with one on super dead land at the right.
  7. Merge two Emerald Plains Grasses with one on super dead land at the lower right.
  8. Harvest life essence. NOTE: Usually you get at least one life flower while doing the preceding steps, but it isn't guaranteed. If you need to, tap the Cloudy Summit for clouds and make it rain until you get three Life Flower Sprouts to merge for a Life Flower. If you go this route, you can also let Rain Puddles turn into Spotted Shrooms to merge with the ones on dead land rather than healing that land.
  9. Use life orbs to heal the Spotted Shrooms at the left and in the bottom middle. Merge them with the one at top right.
  10. Merge two Hero Mushrooms with the one on super dead land at bottom left.
  11. Tap the Fruit Tree for Grapes and merge them with two on super dead land in the middle.
  12. Harvest life essence to heal the statue on dead land and the Fruit Tree which is on regular (not super) dead land.
  13. Merge the Fruit Trees. This should heal the last of the land.
  14. Merge the statues to win.
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