Summary[edit | edit source]

Friend Dragons are a Trophy type Dragon breed. Eggs cannot be bought through the Buy Menu.

When Noble Friend Dragons are merged, an additional Besties Dragon Egg Nest may be created in a Dimensional Jar with a cost of 475 Dragon Gems.

How to Gain[edit | edit source]

  • Fill the bar with the 4 boxes by inviting (you just have to press the button) friends to get one Friend Dragon Egg. You can tick one box every 6 hours.
  • Open Gifts sent by your friends for a chance to get Friend Dragon Egg Fragments and Friend Dragon Eggs.
  • Friend Dragons were also offered as a reward in the Friendship Event.
Level Rarity Name Dragon Power Stamina Worth
Egg Rare Friend Dragon Egg Fragment n/a n/a 1
Egg Legendary Friend Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
1 Epic Friend Dragon Whelp 3 4 20
2 Epic Friend Dragon Kid 12 6 50
3 Epic Friend Dragon 45 8 100
4 Legendary Noble Friend Dragon 150 10 250
Nest Legendary Nest of Besties Dragon Eggs n/a n/a 25
Egg Mythical Besties Dragon Egg n/a n/a 1
7 Legendary Besties Dragon Whelp 495 12 500
8 Legendary Besties Dragon Kid 1575 14 1000
9 Legendary Besties Dragon 4800 17 2500
10 Mythical Royal Besties Dragon 15000 20 5000
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