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Friendship Event was an out-of-camp Event that lasted 3 days - from the 31st July to 3rd August 2020, for both iOS and Android. It used the same theme and objects as Carnival Event but awarded Friend Dragons as its main prize.

For the duration of the Event, a new Level was available. It could be accessed either from the Camp or from the Levels map. The goal of the Event was to make enough event points to afford the 10 prizes offered (which, once achieved, were sent to the Camp just like any Level completion reward). The level could not be reset, although it required no Chalices to begin or resume.

In order to participate, a player needed an internet connection and at least 35 Dragon Power. Connectivity issue during the Event would result in prohibiting the player's ability to participate and freezing progress in the level until a connection was re-established.


The Event offered 10 prizes, one for each tier of points accumulated. Every time sufficient points were achieved, the counter was reset for the next goal. The points could be achieved by tapping Carnival Objects which could be achieved either by harvesting Carnival Carts, healing the Dead Land, harvesting Carnival Masks or opening Carnival Chests and Secret Friendship Capsules.

Event Rewards

Reward Number Name Description Required Points*
1 Friend Dragon Egg This friendly dragon is three of a kind! 3
2 Fruit Tree - Level 4 Common 22
3 Friend Dragon Egg This friendly dragon is three of a kind! 235
4 Nest of Samba Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 420
5 Friend Dragon Egg This friendly dragon is three of a kind! 640
6 Soul Crescent Artefact - Level 1 Epic 1,560
7 Nest of Friend Dragon Eggs Tap to collect eggs! 4,470
8 Royal Feathered Mask Epic 5,400
9 River Dragon - Level 3 Trophy Dragon Power: 45 6,570
10 Noble Friend Dragon - Level 4 Trophy Dragon Power: 150 11,230
Total 30,550

The 30,550 point total was roughly equivalent to one level 9 and two level 8 Carnival Objects.

Friendship Event! Rewards.jpg

Event Quest Special Rewards

Once you complete the 10 Event Quests, you'll get:

Reward Number Name Description
1 Ancient Spring Produces an Egg. Sometimes Tap for a Seed.
2 Nest of Owlet Griffon Eggs Tap to collect eggs!
3 Golden Tree A captivating plant of living gold!
Event Quest Special Rewards.jpg

Cloud Keys

Life Essence

Cloud Key 1-0.jpg

Tiny Life Orb

Cloud Key 2-0.jpg

Blue Life Flower

Cloud Key 3-0.jpg

Lost Bud

Cloud Key 4-0.jpg

Top Hat

Cloud Key 5-0.jpg

Three Graces

Cloud Key 6-0.jpg

Skull & Bones

Cloud Key 7-0.jpg

Precious Amphorae

Cloud Key 8-0.jpg

Bushy Autumn Tree

Cloud Key 9-0.jpg


Cloud Key 10-0.jpg

Festive Parasol

Cloud Key 11-0.jpg

Pinkberry Autumn Tree

Cloud Key 12-0.jpg

Fallen Star

Fallen Star Cloud Key.jpg

Mystery Nest - Tanzanite

Mystery Nest - Tanzanite Cloud Key.jpg

Gold Treasure Capsule

Golden Treasure Capsule Cloud Key.jpg


In the event, various offers related to Dragon Gems were available.

Secret Friendship Capsules

Four types of event treasure capsules were offered during the Friendship Event. A bronze capsule could be bought for free once every 3 hours. The shop could be accessed from the bottom right of the screen in the level.

Name Rarity Description Guaranteed Rewards Possible Rewards Price (Dragon Gems)
Bronze Treasure Capsule Uncommon Bronze Treasure Capsule - Level 1 5+ points Life Essence, Tiny Magic Coin, Hill, Life Flower Seed, Life Flower Sprout, Bones, Emerald Plains Grass, Tanzanite Plains Grass, Ruby Plains Grass 8
Silver Treasure Capsule Rare Silver Treasure Capsule - Level 2 150+ points Magic Coin - Bronze, Life Flower, Small Life Orb, Blue Life Flower, Pompom Cart, Tanzanite Mystery Egg 60
Gold Treasure Capsule Rare Gold Treasure Capsule - Level 3 300 - 1500 points Life Orb, Blue Life Flower, Furious Life Orb, Glowing Life Flower, Fiesta Cart, Tanzanite Mystery Egg, Wondrous Life Orb, Mystery Nest - Tanzanite, Pompom Cart 290
Diamond Treasure Capsule Epic Diamond Treasure Capsule - Level 4 2000 - 4000 points Furious Life Orb, Twin Life Flower, Mystery Nest - Tanzanite, Great Life Orb, Brilliant Life Flower, Pompom Cart, Tanzanite Mystery Egg, Giant Life Orb, Fiesta Cart 690

Note: Only the italicized items were listed as possible rewards in the Secret Friendship Capsules shop.

Secret Friendship Capsule.jpg

Event Shop

A special shop was available during the Event, and all items could be bought with Gems. The shop could be accessed from the bottom right of the screen, under the Secret Merge Dragons! Friendship Capsules shop.

Name Description Price (Dragon Gems)
Wondrous Life Orb Tap to heal land. Healing Power: 1024 38
Great Life Orb Tap to heal land. Healing Power: 4096 106
Giant Life Orb Tap to heal land. Healing Power: 16,000+ 296
Pompom Cart Merge for an Fiesta Cart. 30
Fiesta Cart Harvest for a Mardi Gras Beads for the special event! 70
Illuminated Cart Harvest for a Mardi Gras Beads for the special event! 160
Three Graces Merge for Moonflower 10
Skull & Bones A victim of Zomblins. 10
Lost Vase Merge for Amphorae 20
Plumeria Merge for Apollo's Bloom 20
Emerald Plains Grass Merge for a Life Flower Bud 6
Prism Flowers Smell the rainbow! Can sometimes tap for Healing Power! 10
Ruby Plains Grass Merge for a Life Flower Bud 6
Hill But a simple mound. 10
Tanzanite Plains Grass Merge for a Life Flower Bud 6
Life Flower Seed Merge to grow Life Flower Sprouts. 10

One-Time Offer

A one-time offer was presented, which could be accessed from the top right of the screen all the time of the Event. For 10$ (in the U.S., the price varied depending on the country of the user), you could get a Friend Dragon, Nest of Nilla Dragon Eggs and Wonderful Carnival Chest.

Friendship Event! One-Time Offer!.jpg


Map in the Shape of Cornucopia

Friendship Event! Map.jpg


  • The Skull & Bones Cloud Key could be obtained for free by merging 3 or 5 Skulls.  There was also a Skull & Bones available for free on the tiles uncovered by the Gold Treasure Capsule Cloud Key.
  • The Level has islands shaped like a cornucopia.

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