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Fruit Trees is a Merge Chain which is the main source of Magic Coins in Camp. They spawn Life Flowers of varying levels, and uncommonly, Fruit Tree Seeds.

How to Gain[]

Level Size Rarity Name Description Worth (Coins) Jar Cost (Gems) Merchant/Parachute (Gems)
- 1x1 Common Leaf of a Fruit Tree This leaf is lucky. Merge to grow a Fruit Tree Sapling. n/a n/a n/a
- 1x1 Common Fruit Tree Seed Merge to grow a Sapling. Or wait a while... 1 n/a n/a
1 1x1 Common Fruit Tree Sapling It's alive! It's ALIVE!!! 1 n/a ?
2 1x1 Common Young Fruit Tree Occasionally grows Life Flower Sprouts nearby. 2 n/a 2
3 1x1 Common Small Fruit Tree Occasionally grows Life Flower Sprouts nearby. 4 n/a 5
4 1x1 Common Fruit Tree Can sometimes Tap for Grapes. 8 n/a 10
5 1x1 Uncommon Large Fruit Tree Can sometimes Tap for a Raspberry. 15 11 13
6 1x1 Uncommon Nice Fruit Tree Can sometimes Tap for Bananas. 30 23 28
7 1x1 Rare Aged Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for a Pear. 50 30 36
8 1x1 Rare Elder Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for Dragon Fruit. (What are the chances?) 150 60 72
9 2x1 Epic Ancient Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for a Pineapple. 300 105 126
10 2x1 Epic Mystical Fruit Tree Can sometimes tap for Watermelons. 500 240 ?
Wonder 2x2 Mythical Magic Beanstalk Leads to the Heavens. Wonder #8 of the Merge Dragon World 2,500 450 n/a



From levels 4 to 9, Fruit Trees can be harvested and tapped for Fruits.

Life Flower Spawns[]

Life Flower Spawn Rate[]

Each Fruit Tree from level 2 (Young Fruit Tree) to level 11 (Magic Beanstalk), has a distinctive spawn time range for its life flowers. When a Fruit Tree is created or when its spawn timer is reset, the game randomly selects a time in the spawn timer range. After that amount of time has passed, the Fruit Tree will try to spawn a Life Flower (97%) or a Fruit Tree Seed (3%). If there is an empty tile nearby, it will spawn a Life Flower or a Fruit Tree Seed. Whether it spawns or not, the timer is reset.

The chart goes as follow:

Level Name Spawn Timer Range (Seconds) Average LFS* per hour
Life Flower Sprout Spawners (1 LFS):
2 Young Fruit Tree 30 - 600 11.0857
3 Small Fruit Tree 25 - 400 16.4329
4 Fruit Tree 20 - 300 21.825
5 Large Fruit Tree 15 - 200 32.4837
6 Nice Fruit Tree 15 - 150 42.327
Life Flower Spawners (2.5 LFS):
7 Aged Fruit Tree 20 - 300 54.5625
8 Elder Fruit Tree 15 - 200 81.2093
9 Ancient Fruit Tree 10 - 150 109.125
Blue Life Flower Spawner (6.25 LFS):
10 Mystical Fruit Tree 10 - 200 207.8571
Blue(35%)/Glowing(59%)/Twin(6%) Life Flower Spawner (13.75 LFS):
11 Magic Beanstalk 30 - 400 230.2326

*LFS stands for Life Flower Sprouts, note that Life Flower counts as 2.5 LFS, Blue Life Flower counts as 6.25 LFS, Glowing Life Flower counts as 15.625 LFS and Twin Life Flower counts as 39.0625 LFS. Note that these are the values if you merge only by 5's.

Higher level trees spawn their corresponding Life Flowers at a higher rate.

Average LFS per hour is calculated as follows**:

(0.97*3600) / { [ ( Max Spawner Timer Range + Min Spawner Timer Range ) / 2 ] / Amount of LFS in Single Spawn }

** Note that the Magic Beanstalk doesn't spawn seeds, therefor its formula is not multiplied by 0.97.

Even though level 9 and 10 trees take up twice as many tiles as the lower level trees, level 10 generates the most LFS per hour per tile; 2 adjacent level 8 trees will generate ~162 LFS per hour compared to the ~208 LFS per hour of level 10. The level 11 Magic Beanstalk is the next most efficient, followed by levels 7 and 9, as two level 7 trees take up the same space as a single level 9 tree, and generate LFS at the same rate.