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Fruits are the main product of Fruit Trees, which can be obtained by tapping and harvesting them. Fruits also appear on several levels. There are seven types of fruits, each corresponds to a different type of tree. An additional fruit which does count on quests demanding merging fruits is the Golden Apple, though it behaves differently from the other seven and the Midas Tree is not part of the Fruit Tree merge chain.

Any of the seven fruits can be harvested or merged in order to get magic coins, life essence, life flowers and life orbs. Double rewards will be granted by merging 5 instead of 3. As the corresponding tree level is higher, so does the rewards. There is also a chance on every merge to get a super reward - Usually a higher tier coin and a couple of the normal coins of that fruit (along with some life essences or life flowers).

Corresponding Tree Size Name Description Harvest for Sell For
Fruit Tree 1x1 Grapes Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Tiny Magic Coin 1
Large Fruit Tree 1x1 Raspberry Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Tiny Magic Coin 2
Nice Fruit Tree 1x1 Bananas Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Tiny Magic Coin 4
Aged Fruit Tree 1x1 Pear Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Magic Coin - Bronze 8
Elder Fruit Tree 1x1 Dragon Fruit Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Magic Coin - Bronze 12
Ancient Fruit Tree 2x1 Pineapple Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Magic Coin - Bronze 16
Mystical Fruit Tree 2x1 Watermelon Merge for ???. Or Harvest. Magic Coin - Silver 25
Midas Trees 1x1 Golden Apple Fruit from King Midas's Garden. n/a 8


Outside the game, the Pear is the only Fruit that actually grows on the type of tree seen in the Fruit Tree family. The other fruits are cultivated as follows:

  • Grapes commonly grow on woody, deciduous vines or climbing shrubs. There exists a Grape Tree (Lannea microcarpa) that can be found primarily in Africa.
  • Banana plants are often mistaken for trees or palms but are actually herbaceous plants (or herbs).
  • Dragon fruits grow on cacti.
  • Pineapple plants are bromeliads (a family of plants that come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes and often grow on trees -- but are not trees).
  • Watermelons grow on vines that trail on the ground (non-climbing) and are in the same botanical family as squash, pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, and, of course, other melons.