You have 5 gifts to send to your friends. If the gift counter is zero, you must wait 23 hours to get 5 new ones.

When the gift counter resets, you can send gifts to the same friends again.

You can have only 20 gifts in your inbox (Messages tab) at the same time. If you have more than 20 messages it means all the other ones are Friend Invites.

The gift can contain one of these objects, created in a blazing bubble with the text Friend Gift:

Category Object Estimated Rate
Dragons & Eggs Friend Dragon Egg Fragment 13.5%
Friend Dragon Egg 3.5%
Magic Currency Tiny Magic Coin
Magic Coin - Bronze
Magic Coin - Silver
Life Orbs Tiny Life Orb
Small Life Orb
Life Flowers Life Flower Sprout
Life Flower
Blue Life Flower
Fruit Trees Fruit Tree Sapling
Young Fruit Tree
Dragon Trees Dragon Tree Sapling 1%
Sprouting Dragon Tree
Thanksgiving Trees Autumn Leaf 2%
Lil' Autumn Sprout 1%
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