This is a tricky level with many opportunities for you to make it impossible. Be careful to merge by 5s whenever possible.


  1. Merge a Young Autumn Tree with the two on diagonally adjacent squares of dead land on the right one of the two islands open at the start. Just a 3-merge here!
  2. Merge two Autumn Saplings from the left island with 3 on dead land on the right island as a 5-merge.
  3. Merge 5 Young Autumn Trees at once on the left island  twice: One merge uses the three lower ones on dead land and two you add to form a sideways T shape, adding the junction of the T last. The other merge uses the two upper trees and three more you add to form a path between them, adding the middle one last.
  4. Merge 5 Bushy Autumn Trees at once.
  5. Merge 3 Mystical Autumn Trees.
  6. Merge the Pinkberry Autumn Tree with 2 on dead land.
  7. Use the Fancy Autumn Tree to open the clouds at the right.
  8. Merge 5 Fancy Autumn Trees at once.
  9. Merge 5 Broadleaf Autumn Trees at once.
  10. Merge 3 Great Autumn Trees.
  11. Before you merge them, separately place each of the three Prism Flower Buds close to the chest at top right and tap it twice for healing energy.
  12. Merge the three Prism Flower Buds to make Opening Prism Flowers and use it to open the clouds at the left.
  13. Tap the Opening Prism Flowers twice to heal the watermelon slice at the far left.
  14. Merge the statues to win.
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