This is a straightforward level.


  1. Twice, merge a Sprouting Prism Flower with 4 on dead land.
  2. Merge 5 Prism Flower Buds at once, then merge the two Opening Prism Flowers with the one on dead land.
  3. Tap out the two nests of eggs and merge, in 5 if possible.
  4. Activate the heal extenders. Merge the 5 petrified zomblins at once, and have your dragons kill the two resulting Zomblins.
  5. Merge two Fresh Graves with the one on dead land, and activate a whole line of heal extenders.
  6. Move the Magic Shroom Clusters out of the way.
  7. Tap all the Shrub Sprouts and twice merge five Magic Mushroom Caps (including two on dead land).
  8. Merge 5 Magic Shroom Clusters and then 3 more.
  9. Merge the resulting 3 Magic Shroom Stalks.
  10. Merge the Magic Shrooms with two on dead land.
  11. Merge the Green Dream Shrooms with two on dead land.
  12. Merge the Blue Belly Shrooms with one on dead land and another to the left.
  13. Merge 5 Life Orbs and move and activate the resulting ones to heal the two Raspberries in the area at the right, then quickly merge them with the one at the top.
  14. If necessary, activate more life orbs to heal one of the Prism Flowers at the far right.
  15. Merge the statues to win.
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