This is a straightforward level.


  1. Merge the three Toadstool Dragon Eggs.
  2. Merge the three Life Flower Sprouts.
  3. Harvest some life essence, merge, and heal some land to get started in. Tip: Move the Life Flower to the single square island at the far left. Then your dragon can fill up the 4-cell island with essence and you can merge with another to make a 5-merge. Do another, then merge 3 to release a Small Life Orb, and this will go quickly.
  4. Merge three Leaf of a Fruit Tree.
  5. Merge three Fruit Tree Saplings.
  6. Merge three Young Fruit Trees.
  7. Merge two Life Essence with one on dead land, and then merge two Tiny Life Orbs with one on dead land.
  8. Merge the three Life Flowers, then merge the Blue Life Flower with two on dead land.
  9. Merge three Petrified Zomblins and destroy the resulting Zomblin.
  10. Merge three Fresh Graves.
  11. Merge three Corwin's Tombs.
  12. Heal one of the Small Fruit Trees and heal the land up to the other so you can merge all three.
  13. Heal the Amber at the right and merge with two at the top.
  14. Tap the Fruit Tree for Grapes and merge with two on super dead land.
  15. Harvest Grapes from the Fruit Tree and merge them with two more on super dead land.
  16. Heal the Living Stone at the top of the island.
  17. Harvest two Stone Brick from it and merge with the one at the left.
  18. Use Stone Bricks to unlock the clouded area at the top.
  19. Merge a Tiny Life Orb with two on super dead land on the new island.
  20. Tap out the nest of Toadstool Dragon Eggs and merge 5 at a time. If you don't have enough eggs, check all the Loot Orbs the level starts with and also the chest you got from merging the Amber for more eggs.
  21. Merge three Autumn Saplings. One is in the starting area at the bottom, one is on super dead land at the left, and one is a bit inward from the left.
  22. Merge the Young Autumn Tree with two on the right. Activate the heal extender.
  23. Activate Life Orbs to heal the remaining land.
  24. Destroy the demon gates.
  25. Merge the statues to win.
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