This is a straightforward level.


There are four islands on this level, Zoom out slightly to see the one at the lower right which is not visible when you start the level.

  1. Catch floating seeds and fill the spaces at the edges of the top island with them and merge, in 5s where possible, toopen these spaces. Merge the resulting Life Flower Sprouts in 5s.
  2. With the space you've now cleared, tap out the nest of Butterfly Dragon Eggs and merge them, in 5s if possible. The dragon(s) will harvest from life flowers and harvest Necromancer Grass into Seeds of the Prism Flower, which both help you, so let them be.
  3. Merge two Life Flowers with the one at the left of the lower large island and activate the heal extender.
  4. Merge the resulting Blue Life Flower with two on the small middle island and activate the heal extender.
  5. Use the Glowing Life Flower to unlock the clouds on the small island at the bottom.
  6. Use a Life Essence from wherever your dragons have farmed one to make a 3-way combo merge on the island just unlocked.
  7. Use the Life Orb to heal most of the petrified Zomblins on the lower large island. This will also heal some Grimm trees.
  8. Merge three Grimm Saplings if necessary, and then merge five Young Grimm Trees at once.
  9. Merge two Small Grimm Trees with the one on super dead land at the bottom of this island and activate the heal extender.
  10. Merge two Gargoyle Dragon Eggs with the one remaining on super dead land at the right of this island, and activate the heal extender.
  11. Merge 5 Petrified Zomblins at once and kill the resulting Zomblins.
  12. Use one Fresh Grave to make a 2-way combo merge with the Fresh Graves and Corwin's Tombs at the lower right of the central part of the top island.
  13. Use Life Essence or combo bubbles to heal two other Lost Soul's Graves on the top island, and then merge 5 of those at once (including two on super dead land in the middle).
  14. Merge the two Doom Crosses with the one on super dead land and activate the heal extender.
  15. By now you should have several Sprouting Prism Flowers on the top island. Merge three of them, then merge a Prism Flower Buds with two on the small middle island, then merge the Fieldn's Resting Place with two more on this island. Activate the heal extender.
  16. Merge the statues to win.
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