This is a straightforward level.


  1. Collect and merge three Dragon Tree Leaves.
  2. Use the the Dragon Tree Sapling to open the first bit of the clouded area.
  3. Merge three Dragon Tree Saplings and activate the heal extender.
  4. Merge the three Autumn Leaves, and then merge the three Lil' Autumn Sprouts. You can do these as a combo.
  5. Use the Autumn Sapling to open more of the clouded area.
  6. Merge three Autumn Tree Saplings (one of which starts behind the totem), then merge three Young Autumn Trees. It is possible to do these merges as a combo.
  7. Use the Bushy Autumn Tree to open more of the clouded area.
  8. Merge three Butterfly Dragon Eggs.
  9. Merge three Life Flower Sprouts and have your dragon harvest from the Life Flower.
  10. Merge three Sprouting Dragon Trees.
  11. Use life essence to heal the lower land with a Bushy Autumn Tree.
  12. Merge three Young Dragon Trees.
  13. Merge three Bushy Autumn Trees.
  14. Merge the Mystical Autumn Tree with two on dead land near the totem. Activate the heal extender.
  15. Tap out the totem to make many life flowers.
  16. Merge life flowers, in 5s when possible, until you make a Glowing Life Flower. Use it to unlock the last of the clouded areas.
  17. Merge the statues to win.
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