A level that starts off largely covered in clouds, as a set of narrow islands. There are more narrow islands with clouds to the right of the ones you see at the start.


  1. Merge three Autumn Leaves near the bottom, and activate the heal extender.
  2. Merge the Lil' Autumn Sprout with two others on the second island from the bottom, and activate chained heal extenders.
  3. Merge the Autumn Sapling with two others on the first island. Activate the heal extender.
  4. Merge two Sprouting Dragon Trees with one at the right end of the first island.
  5. Merge the Young Dragon Tree with two others at the left end of the second island.
  6. Tap out the nest of Tribal Dragon Eggs and merge 3 of them. You only need or want one dragon on this level.
  7. Use the Vermillion Dragon Tree to unlock one section of clouds on the third island.
  8. Merge the three Petrified Zomblins that were under the clouds and destroy the resulting Zomblin. Activate the heal extender.
  9. Use the Fresh Grave to unlock the rest of the third island.
  10. Merge three Young Autumn Trees on the first island.
  11. Merge three Leaf of a Fruit Tree.
  12. Use the Fruit Tree Sapling to unlock the clouds on the second island.
  13. Use some life essence to heal the Zomblin Cave (2 points).
  14. Tap it to produce a Zomblin and then let your dragon destroy both the Zomblin and the cave.
  15. Use a Stone Brick from the destruction of the cave to unlock the clouds on the fourth island.
  16. Keep your dragon busy harvesting life essence and do not let him harvest your Raspberries during these next steps!
  17. Use Life Essence on the fourth island to heal the space with the statue and the one with a Bushy Autumn Tree.
  18. Use the statue to unlock the clouds on the first island.
  19. Merge two Vermillion Dragon Trees with the one on the first island.
  20. Use the Aged Dragon Tree to unlock the first bit of clouds to the far right.
  21. Move a Tiny Life Orb to this island and activate it to heal the Raspberry.
  22. Merge the Raspberry with the four others you have been protecting from your dragon.
  23. Merge the three Bushy Autumn Trees.
  24. Use a Pinkberry Autumn Tree to unlock the second set of clouds at the far right.
  25. Move over the other Pinkberry Autumn Tree to merge three of this newly opened island.
  26. Use the Fancy Autumn Tree to unlock the clouds on the last island.
  27. Merge three Patrified Zomblins and let your dragon destroy the resulting Zomblin.
  28. Merge the statues to win (two of them are on the islands at the far right).
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