A level which is initially tight on space at the start.


  1. Move the uppermost free Emerld Plains Grass down one space to merge a group of 7.
  2. Tap any floating Dragon Tree Leaf and move it to the small island at the lower right to unlock some clouds.
  3. Tap more leaves and merge 3 to make a Dragon Tree Sapling.
  4. Merge the Dragon Tree Sapling with two at the island just opened, and activate the heal extender.
  5. Move the Furious Life Orb to the open space in the middle of the map and activate it to heal a bunch of land.
  6. Merge 5 Grass Dragon Eggs at once. (If you did not manage to unlock enough eggs, merge three, and heal the land with Life Essence to merge the last three eggs later.)
  7. On the right island, merge the three Grass Tufts.
  8. On the left island, tap the various shrubs and merge 5 Magic Mushroom Caps at once, then 3 more, to make 3 Magic Shroom Clusters.
  9. Merge the Magic Shroom Clusters to make a Magic Shroom Stalk.
  10. Merge the Magic Shroom Stalk with two others to make a Magic Shrooms.
  11. Merge the Magic Shrooms with two more at the left (probably at least one of which is still on land not yet healed).
  12. In the space this opens, place a Tiny Life Orb to make a 2-way combo merge.
  13. Merge the Green Dream Shrooms with two at the bottom of this island.
  14. Merge the 3 Shrub Sprouts, then 3 Budding Shrubs, then 3 Nice Shrubs, then 3 Flowering Shrubs.
  15. Merge 3 Blue Belly Shrooms.
  16. Switch your focus to the large island on the right. Clear land by merging Tiny Life Orbs. Ruby Plains Grass, Fresh Stones, and Stone Brickses that you get by merging individual Stone Brick that your dragons have harvested.
  17. Merge 3 Moss Covered Stones.
  18. Merge the Living Stone with two on dead land.
  19. Merge the Large Moss Stone with one on dead land and one at the left edge of this island.
  20. Merge 3 Clover Stones.
  21. Merge a Magic Mushroom Caps with two on dead land. (If necessary, tap the Gorgeous shrub to get one to merge.)
  22. Merge 3 Lawn Grass, and then merge 3 Great Grass (one of which is on the middle island).
  23. Merge the Marsh Grass with two on dead land with an empty space between them.
  24. Merge the Glowflap Mushrooms (from way at the far left of the level) with two on dead land at the far right. Activate the heal extender.
  25. Merge 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues.
  26. Merge the Basalt Rock from this end with two on dead land at the far left.
  27. On the left island, there is a Life Orb which you must activate for one of the goals if you did not do it already.
  28. Merge the other 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues to win.
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